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Are you in need of encouragement and inspiration for your life's journey?  Have you ever felt like you weren't doing a good job at being a Godly daughter, wife, or mother?  Would you like advice concerning relationships, marriage, or parenting?  Then grab a cup of coffee or tea and let's become better acquainted,  because I would like to share my journey with you in hopes of inspiring yours!

About This Site

I started this blog in 2009 to encourage and inspire women, young and older alike, on their life's journey.  God gave me a passion for this after enduring a deep hardship in my life many years before.  I always knew that I loved coming along side of someone and sharing what I had learned in order to enrich their life and make their relationships and day-to-day tasks more meaningful.  God just had to take me on a deeper journey to get me to see that this was my calling!

You can expect to find me sharing my heart on

Encouraging daughters 

to live pure and modest in a sex-crazed, media-controlled society, to honor and respect their daddies in preparation for honoring and respecting their husbands, and to have a right relationship with the opposite sex.  My desire is to inspire them to greatness, to challenge them to walk closely with their Heavenly Father, and encourage them to develop a longing for the Word of God.

Encouraging wives

to obtain a thriving relationship with their soul mate and friend: their husband.  Throughout this blog you will find me showing by example and through my own true-to-life stories how to respect your husband and to make him feel like a king in his castle.

Encouraging and teaching moms

how to become a better parent.  We are not just raising children; we are raising the next generation!  I teach through humorous and moving stories how to attain the highest honor in parenthood: children that love, honor, and respect their parents and authority in general.  You will not find passiveness and forgiveness for lazy parenting here!  I take a proactive approach and strongly suggest the same for  you.  You will not find me making excuses for bad behavior, rebellion, or defiance in children.  You will find teaching on good discipline balanced with lots of love and praise!

Encouraging older women

to invest in the younger women as it states in Titus 2.  We need your advice, your experience, and your wisdom coupled with your love and sincerity.  You will find thankfulness for the older women who have taken the time to invest in my life and encouragement to never walk your journey alone.  I talk more about this in a radio interview I did in March 2013.  You may listen here.

About Me 

I was raised in a Christian home with a Christian education, but came to a point in my life where I had to decide for myself if I was going to live life as a Christian.  Once I made that commitment, the enemy did everything he could to come between me and my Savior.

My first and biggest test came just a few years into my marriage.  I failed miserably, but God was there to pick up the pieces and graciously love me in spite of my failures.

During this time I desperately longed for an older woman of God to mentor me and show me how to become a better wife and mom.  After asking three whom I thought fit the criteria and was turned down by all three, I leaned more heavily upon my Heavenly Father.

Though this did wonders for my relationship with Him, it also fostered a passion within me to encourage and inspire other women on their life's journey.

Adding this with my passion for writing resulted in this blog.  I have never claimed to be perfect, but would love to share what God and experience has taught me, and as always, over a cup of coffee!

I am a Mom of 7 beautiful blessings; five of which I get the privilege of raising, one running the Streets of Gold and one in the arms of Jesus!  I have the privilege of being the wife of the man of my dreams for 20 years who holds the World Record Title of "Best Daddy and Hubby in the World" in my eyes!!!

51 Random Things About Me

1.  I began writing stories at age 8.
2.  I have a kazillion spiral-bound notebooks (all of which have only a few blank pages left in them.)
3. I have saved most of the cards and letters I have received in my lifetime.
4.  I have every rose my sweetheart has ever given me since we officially became a couple.
5.  It was a big deal for me to decide what style of handwriting I would stick with because I love      handwriting.  I did this somewhere near age 15.
6.  Vanilla, coconut, and citrus smells are my favorites (in that order).
7.  I refuse to get in water I cannot see through clear to the bottom.
8.  Spiders give me the heebie-jeebies.
9.  I cry easily when I hear stories of soldiers reuniting with their families, someone showing kindness to the less fortunate, or anything about babies.
10.  I love the smell of Johnson and Johnson's baby lotion.
11.  Baby feet are so yummy.
12.  I love to take pictures and have even done two weddings, but didn't enjoy them too much (babies or families are my favorite).
13.  Janette Oke, Anne of Green Gables, and Nancy Drew, and anything considered a mystery were my favorite authors to read when I was younger.  Christian self-help books are what I read now.
14. We have a family ministry that specializes in puppetry and we go to churches and public schools.       Kidz Bizness on Face Book
15.  I made almost straight As in school and Bible college.
16.  I love volleyball, softball, and kickball.
17.  I am very indecisive.
18.  I despise cooking.
19.  I am very forgetful and have been known to forget to cook supper until my little ones are all whining that they are hungry.
20.  Accessories are a must with every outfit.
21.  I cannot decide on my favorite color or favorite food (see #17).
22.  I love to dress fashionably while remaining modest (yes, it is possible to do).
23.  One of my pet peeves is for Christians to not care what they look like.
24.  I love to fix hair, cut hair, and style hair.
25.  I love to sew as long as I can finish a project within a few hours.
26.  I do not have the patience to do tedious work.
27.  My love language is words of affirmation; my husband's is physical touch.  Neither of us speak the other's well; we have to make a choice to learn to speak the foreign language daily!
28.  I am from Texas and proud of it.  Go figure.
29.  I love horses as much as I did as a teenage girl when I owned one named Promesa de Amistad (Promise of Friendship).  She was more stubborn than a mule!
30.  Singing and music is as vital to me as the air I breathe.  I secretly wish I could record an album someday.  (I guess it's not a secret anymore!)
31.  Three part harmony is one of my favorite things to hear and sing.
32.  Contemporary Gospel music of the 80s and 90s are my favorite.
33.  I have had my picture taken with Bryan Duncan.
34.  I would love to meet Russ Taff.
35.  I hate conflict.
36.  I am guilty of spending too much time on the computer.
37.  I have learned the value of commitment.
38.  I worry about losing my children.
39.  My hair used to be the best feature I had.  Since I have lost so much in the last two years, I have become more thankful for it.
40.  Sometimes I let what others think about me interfere with my good judgement.
41.  One day, I would like to become an author and speaker.
42.  One day, I would like to be on a well-known broadcast encouraging many women.
43.  I make friends easily.
44.  I like a little coffee with my French vanilla creamer and sugar.
46.  I like interior decorating and making flower arrangements.
47.  Christmas is my favorite holiday because I gave birth twice that month!
48.  My favorite season is the one I am in.  I love something about each one of them!
49.  Character is more important than academics in our homeschooling.
50.  I love encouraging and inspiring others to be better!


51.  I will probably add to this later or even change some of these!
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