Is My Service Conditional?

Lord, please forgive me when my service to others is conditional.  

Help me never to mask a true servant's heart with false humility.  

I pray that if I ever start to help someone in need, that my motives be pure; not self indulging.  

Father, if someone is in need, give me an honest heart that helps them unconditionally.  
Let me not ask what I will receive in return or if it will benefit me in any way.  
Let me ask only for You to receive the glory 
and the person in need be blessed.  

Please show me when my heart is not in the right place 
and never let others be hurt by my manipulation or selfishness.  

I ask these things from a heart that has been wounded by other's thoughtlessness. 
Help me never to inflict that kind of pain on others.  

Bless my husband, Lord, for his faithfulness to You 
and the MANY times I have seen him do for others 
when he needed help the most.


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Brenda S said...

I pray this too and have to add that I feel ashamed that I sometimes think of everything I need to do and how behind I get when there is a need that I can fill. Father forgive me for denying the call you have given me to be a servant when I dodge someone who needs a moment of the time you have given me. Thank you, Lord, that I am able to help others and not the one needing the assistance.

Rashel said...

An excellent reminder, thank you! I will be sharing on my facebook :)