Finding God's Will Is Not Rocket Science

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"Have you found God's Will for your life? 

 "Do you know what you are going to do?  

"You are out of school - now what?"  

 "You are in your fourth year of Bible school, do you know what God's plan is?"

Poor young person.  They are made to feel that something is wrong with them if they don't have their entire life planned out and call it "God's will".

Let me encourage you by letting you know that rarely do people find "God's will" for their lifetime.  God's will can change several times throughout your life.

He may want you to be a full time missionary to China and serve there 48 years before He calls you home.
If that's it, then great!  Go for it.

But He may have you begin His will by having you lead a Children's Bible Backyard Club for 5 years, then lead you to take a short term missions trip, then want you to bake pizzas for a battered women's shelter for 10 years, and then ask you to pick up your family and follow Him who knows where for who knows how long!

Oops.  Got a little on my side of the story there!

Don't get discouraged if you cannot answer everyone's questions about finding God's will for your life.  It will come.  You will know.

How can you determine what God wants you to do now?

Start with what you like to do.  In your spare time.  What are your interests?  What are you drawn to?






Bike Riding

God gave you these desires to use for His glory and His ministry.  He wove those "likes" and talents into the very fiber of your being.  He knew you and had a plan for you before you were even born. Jeremish 29:11

I had one young person tell me, "But all I like to do is go to theme parks.  How do I find God's will in that?"  Well, I am not sure, and maybe I should have been more clear on defining their interests.  I don't mean if all you like to do is Facebook and Pinterst that somehow you can find God's will in that and it be ok.

What we did find out, though, is that young person was very talented in interacting with other young people and is working with them today in their home church!

Theme parks - young people.  I can see a connection.

Finding God's will is not hard, nor does it mean it cannot change.  Start defining your God-given interests and look for ways to bring glory to God in them.  You might be surprised to find yourself smack-dab in the middle of God's will!
Do you think God's Will is a one time opening 
that you might miss if you blink?
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Susan Brown said...

Great insight.

Maria Rice said...

Love it! Seems like I've heard these good words before.... ;)

Niki French said...

I love you, Maria, and hope that my words inspire you to be who God wants you to be!

Thank, Mom, for your sweet comment and for visiting! :)

Ann K said...

Hi, Niki! Followed your link at 'Time-Warp Wife" Linkup. I agree that God's will for one's whole life is rarely revealed in one shot. Most of us need to pray for and trust in God's leading to follow His will daily! I pray, God's will be done in my life "today" and try not to worry about how or if I'll be doing His will in 10 years. That doesn't mean I don't plan or am irresponsible...I need to do MY part(ultimately to love God and love others as yourself)) and letting God open the doors of opportunity that will allow me know what the next step is for my life.
Ann @ Christ in the Clouds

Niki French said...

Ann, I am so glad you followed me over here and shared your lovely insight with us! We are not "excused" from planning for the future, yet we must not let worry overtake us today. God bless you! :) I hope you will visit again!