3 Lessons We Learned On Our Maiden Voyage in Our RV

1. Bedding is an unresolved issue.

Where do we put all of the pillows and blankets when we are not using them?  I stuff ours in the closet that also holds our dress clothes, shoes, the laptop bag, and other such like items.

I know you have seen this before, but I just love the "homey-ness" of our
Master Bedroom all fixed up!
The kids’ bedding is folded every morning.  When we are stationary (or parked somewhere) it can be put in the driver’s and passenger’s chair.

Missing 3 blankets and our toddler's pillow from these stacks of bedding.

When we are moving (traveling) it gets put in many places, none of which are ideal.  Still working on a solution for this.

More on bedding issues later...

2. Space is extremely limited

Each child has one upper cabinet about 20” wide x 15” deep.  That is where they keep their pjs, casual clothes, and any personal items they wish to have.  For the little girls that means toys, purses, coloring books, and other goodies.  For our oldest, that means pictures of friends and family, special notes, etc.   For the boys that means knives, flashlights, and other boyish things.Each child also has a drawer in the “master bedroom” for underclothes and or other small items.

Mommy and daddy have an upper cabinet and a half that we share, and three very small drawers each.  One drawer fits socks and one drawer fits undies.  The other is for personal belongings. There is just enough closet space to hang each person’s dress clothes.

  3. Water is precious

      If we are parked and are able to connect to a water hose, things are great.  
If we are not able to connect to a water hose or we are traveling, we have water that is stored in a tank under our bed.  It is about half  the width of our almost-queen-size-bed and about 2/3 as long.  I think it is a 100 gallon tank.  We can get about 3 showers out of it (there are 7 of us), a few sessions of washing dishes, several commode flushes, and everyone brushing their teeth (approximately).  If we are not connected to a water hose we must only run the water when absolutely necessary.

      More on water issues later…

      I am looking forward to many more lessons we will learn as we make our home 
in this 34 foot RV. 

 I will be writing on eating healthy on the road, sharing tight quarters, places we have been, people we have met, and so much more in the coming months.
You will get to follow our journey as we follow God’s leading in our lives.  
I hope you will come back for more.

Have you ever done something that seemed crazy 
to the rest of the world?

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Jessica said...

One item you might like for your blanket issue is space saver bags. You put your items in the bag then vacuum flat. I used them this summer and they worked great. I bought mine at big lots for $12 for 4 bags. I got eight all together but plan to buy more for our move. Thought you might like to know.