My Journey To Better Health (Pt 5)

This is the last post in this series.  I hope you have enjoyed reading about this journey and have been encouraged.  How, you might say?  Knowing that changes can be made, it is never too late to start doing the right thing, and you can become healthier by first taking small, baby steps.  Rome wasn't built in a day and neither was our health.  I will give you the links to each part of this series at the end of this post for those who want to catch up or read again. :)

Not the best "before" pictures, but didn't think to get some on purpose.
At the beginning of this year and a couple of months at the end of 2012, I began to have symptoms of another cyst on my ovary.   I felt pretty sure it was on the left side.  Early one morning (4 am to be exact) in February I was awakened out of my sleep with excruciating pain in my abdomen, specifically on my left side.

In all of my history of cysts, I have never experienced one that burst, and never had I experienced ovarian cyst pain this intense before.

An hour later, I felt sure it had burst.  Three days later, I was sure it had.  I didn't go to a doctor to confirm this, but just read the signs and symptoms of a twenty year problem.  I began to feel a little better hormonally...for a while.

Then my hormonal symptoms returned.  What I mean by this is:

  • More hair loss
  • Extreme breast tenderness
  • Ovary pain
  • Sporadic and unexplained irritableness and depression
  • Weight gain in my abdomen
  • Lower sex drive
  • Fatigue
  • Infertility
  • Heavy cycle bleeding
  • Etc.

I finally went to a doctor and got an ultrasound.

Confirmation: 6 cysts: 2 on right ovary, two on left ovary and 3 on my uterus.  Never had this many before and never any on my uterus.

Treatment: birth control or hysterectomy.  NOT!

The Lord has allowed some very Godly, knowledgeable women to influence me and become a part of my life in the last year and a half.  They know a lot about herbs and natural remedies and have kindly shared much information with me.  With their encouragement, I contacted a natural doctor and went to her for muscle testing, reflexology, iridology and an experience on a Chi machine.

She suggested that I take Calcium plus Vitamin D, Combination Potassium, Algin, and AdaptaMax (Nature's Sunshine).  She said my thyroid was the reason I was having ovarian cysts and environmental poisoning was the cause of my Fibromyalgia.

During this time, I was also introduced to Essential Oils and love using them daily in our home.

I took the Algin and AdaptaMax that was supposed to correct the Thyroid issues and help the Fibromyalgia.  She suggested that I continue taking the Calcium and Potassium.  I have felt a little better, but knew this needed to be tackled with a vengeance.  My body is never going to stop producing cysts.  I needed to figure out why.

I spent hours, days, weeks in researching causes of ovarian cysts and Fibromyalgia and natural remedies for them.  I became overwhelmed with all of the information available and all of the choices.  My prayer time became a plea for God's direction in what I should do exactly to correct my health issues.

Remember those lovely ladies I told you about earlier?  Well, two of them encouraged  me to talk with a midwife they knew who could help me.

Midwife??  I am not pregnant, so what could she help me with?  Turns out, a lot!

I got to talk to her one Saturday and knew within minutes that God had led me to her.  She has helped countless women (pregnant or not) with some of the same issues that I have.  Her suggestion was  for me to go on a low carb diet for one month, continue taking the herbs that I was taking, and then call back and "we will re-assess".

  • I have lost 15 lbs in that month and feel so much better.
  • I know that I have a cyst(s), but am so excited to begin feeling better.
  • My Fibromyalgia has gotten significantly better.
  • My hair texture has changed and it is beginning to feel and look healthier.
  • I have more energy.
  • The last two monthly cycles have been more "normal".
  • My irritability and depression have been kicked down quite a few notches.

What I am doing today....

I take a passel of vitamins along with my "diet".

Red Raspberry to strengthen my uterus, Female Balance, Evening Primrose Oil to help get rid of my ovarian cysts, and Alfalfa Leaf to balance out the EPO because it is a natural blood thinner.  I also take Calcium Plus Vit D, Combination Potassium, and drink a protein shake from Melaleuca with a teaspoon of Diatomacious Earth.  One more thing I add to my morning regime is Progesterone Cream.  I should apply this 3 times a day, but I just can never remember!

I am looking into possibly transition to the Trim Healthy Mama way of eating in a few months since it is similar to the way I am eating now.  I am going to research it a little more.

I would love to add some pictures of my 15 lbs loss, but I wrote this post a few weeks ago and have since gained some of my weight back.  Due to traveling on the road in the summer months and having to eat out or eat what others prepare for us, I have not been able to eat according to my "diet".

But!  As of this morning, I have lost back down the 15 lbs.  Yay!  I am not in this to just lose weight, but it is one of my gauges on how things are going inside.

It's all good though.  I am not looking for a quick fix and neither am I looking to quit any time soon.  So, onward I go....

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TMarie said...

VERY encouraging!! Thank you for being so open! Love your blogs! I appreciate your ministry helping others by being so open and honest. Much love, Trisha Hoffman

Niki French said...

Thanks, Trisha! It is good to hear from you and I am glad to have been an encouragement. Have a blessed day and I hope to "hear" from you more! :)

TMarie said...


Anonymous said...

I have been taking iodine. It is supposed to shrink ovarian cysts and also help with the thyroid. There is a group on FB that is a great help. You need to take it with other things too, like selenium. Chris