My Journey To Better Health (Pt 3)

Would you like to catch up with this journey?  You can byhopping over here and reading part 1 and part 2 .

A quick recap of my journey to becoming healthier is that in 12 years, I had five pregnancies and five ovarian cyst removal surgeries.  Wow!  You would think by this time I would realize that there was nothing the doctors could really do about my cysts.  One doctor told me that "once a cyst maker, always a cyst maker".

Real encouraging.

But he was only partially right.  There are ways to keep my body from creating cysts.  And that is another rabbit trail for another day! :)
Just before delivery. 

In the fall of 2009, we found ourselves elated to be expecting another blessing!  At the first exam, the doctor found an ovarian cyst the size of a quarter.  She was not concerned.  I was.  Knowing my history, and knowing that each one of my surgeries had been an emergency or close to it, I knew this cyst was not going to go away on its own.

The downside of this story is that the cyst grew as the baby grew.  The added blessing is that we got to see our baby by ultrasound every month and sometimes more often!

I delivered our third little girl quickly and successfully (the doctor did not even make it in time!).  Seven weeks later I had yet ANOTHER laparoscopic surgery for the cyst removal.  This time, the doctor did not tell  me an estimated size of the cyst.  He just told me that he removed 2 liters (minus 4 oz) of fluid!  It was almost as if I had carried twins!

The doctors are baffled with me.  They don't know why I produce cysts, why they get so big and why they do not burst.  Again, the only two options they would give me were birth control or a hysterectomy; neither of which I was comfortable with.

During this pregnancy, I had tried to eat a little more healthy and only gained 45 lbs (the least amount so far).  I began to think about eating healthy, but didn't want to "diet" until I quit nursing the baby.  She was 23 months old when she weaned and I did nothing until almost a year ago.  I waited too long because of what happened next.

My hubby fondly calls me "The Twisted Cyster" now!  He has been very gracious on my journey to better health!  Being a "cyst maker" does not come without its complications.  It affects many areas of my life; not to mention the Fibromyalgia.  There are many things I cannot do or have considerable amount of pain if I do it.

I hope you will come back to read more.  I am getting to the good part of this journey!

What steps are you taking to better your health?

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I bought Trim Healthy Mama so I can get healthier. Can't wait for part 4 :-)