Essential Oils Are Great for Sinus Congestion Relief

It has been one crazy, chaotic, hard week and a half.  Tuesday the 4th, our two little girls came down with fever and severe congestion.

Then two days later, hubby and our oldest son get hit with it along with higher fever and body aches.  It was all they could do to get out of bed.

4 out of 7 sick.  Bummer.

Our second son laid around with his daddy and brother and just felt yucky.  I think maybe he felt a little out of sorts, but mostly enjoyed doing nothing with his buds!

3 days later and it hit me.  And some time the next day it got our oldest daughter.

Now I know that most of you have experienced a time like this in your family and what's the big deal - right?

On top of all of this, we were preparing for our first Kidz Week of the summer.  For those of you who don't know what in the world I am talking about, you can go here or here to find out more.

We are learning natural, God-given remedies to treat our symptoms now and I am loving it!

We love using Eucalyptus, Peppermint, and Lemon essential oils for relief!

  • Add several drops of Eucalyptus oil to 3 cups of water.  
  • When water is hot enough to begin steaming, breathe in the steam.  
  • It opens things up wonderfully.

  • Apply Peppermint oil to your forehead, temples, and base of neck for headache relief.  
  • Be very careful in applying Peppermint oil directly to skin because it can sting/burn if applied too heavily. 
  •  Experiment with the amounts you use.

  • We use the Lemon oil as a disinfectant on our hands.

How do you treat congestion and/or flu in your family?

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Rashel said...

I hate it that most of you were sick for your first booked week. I am glad you are feeling better though! As you know, I'm still learning about the natural cures too :) There is so much to learn and I'm starting to think I need to learn about one that helps my memory first so that I can remember everything else!
Love ya,

Niki French said...

That sounds great! If you find a natural remedy for memory loss, be sure and let me know! :)Love ya, Friend (Remember who I am? That crazy lady who talks your arm off every time we are together!)