Up-Do Hair-Dos for Longer Hair and Some Inspiration for Pinterest

Sometime back, I asked those of you with longer hair to give Pinterest some inspiration and share your pictures of up-dos.  Today, I will share with you an up-do I recently did for a friend. 

Have you ever put your hair up using a sock?  It is known as a sock bun and there are many tutorials out there on how to use one.  You simply cut the toe out of an old sock and roll it like your grandmother used to roll her stockings down.  That's it!  The only tool needed to form your sock bun!

Here is what it can look like when completed. 
Left and right side of up-do using the sock.
I began this hair-do by giving her a little fullness around her face using 5 small pinch clips.  The two braids on each side are just a regular three strand braid.  How it is made to look like lattice (which is absolutely adorable) is by holding the middle strand and pulling the two side strands up the braid.  I can explain further in the comments if you need more explanation.  Actually my daughter, K, did the braids because she is better at making it smoother than I am. :)

Then we put it in a pony tail approximately 2 inches from the base of her hairline leaving out the two braids.  Her hair is several inches below her waist and I rolled the bottom half of her hair around the top half of the sock.  Next, I rolled it up the rest of the way and tucked it under to form the half-donut shape.  I used medium size pinch clips on each side to hold it in place, and then bobby pins to hold it more securely.

After securing the half-donut bun, I crisscrossed the braids and pinned them in place using more bobby pins.  Then I curled the bottom of the braided section of hair with a 3/4 inch curling iron, pinned them in place, and voila!  She wore this hair-do to her graduation and it lasted ALL day with no fuss!
A lower style of up-do

Here is another version of the same up-do, but lower on the neck, softer, and less curls.  You can see the half-donut shape a little easier here.

Here is a look at using a sock bun for the full donut shape.  Stephanie from Who Can Stand sent this in to inspire Pinterest and give us an adorable up-do.  The flower gives it such a graceful touch.
Who knew an old sock, open at both ends, and rolled into a donut shape could help us make such adorable hair-dos?

For medium length hair to long, a sock bun is a must in our collection of hair-do tools!  What kind of tools do you have in your hair box drawer cabinet shelf wall room that makes fixing hair fun and adorable?

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