Parenting A La Mode Series Introduction

Apple pie made by our dear Granny Shewmake
Welcome to our brand new series called “Parenting A La Mode”.  To better understand that slightly different title, allow me to paint a picture for you.

The mood of your day is subtly changed. While doing your housework and laundry you get a text from your hubby.  He says to get the grandparents to watch the kids and be ready by 5 pm because he is taking you somewhere special.  Ooh-la-la!  It’s not every day that you get this opportunity!   Your heart skips a beat as you dream of spending an evening alone with your best friend.

Promptly at 5 pm he arrives at the door, takes you by the arm, and parades you to the car like a celebrity.  When you arrive at the restaurant, you realize just how special this evening will be.  You will be eating at Nannie’s Country Cupboard made famous for their homemade apple pie a la mode.

After the hostess seats you, she hands you a menu filled with tantalizing pictures of delicious entrees tempting your already hungry taste buds.  You flip through the entrees with alacrity to the desserts anticipating the delectable treat that awaits you.  The thought crosses your mind to enjoy the hot apple pie a la mode before eating the main course of your meal, but you resist the temptation.

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While waiting for your food, you take in your surroundings.  Cherry red tablecloths fit tightly onto the sturdy wooden tables set with white Battenburg lace napkins.  Pictures of apple orchards, old Ford pickup trucks stacked high with apple crates, and reminders of simple country living charmingly grace the walls, displayed between antique pie plates and apple peelers.

A gentle hum of other diner’s conversations can be heard along with an occasional clink of silverware lightly grazing china dishes and coffee cups.  These sounds slowly fade into the background while you enjoy your meal.

Finally, it is time for the much anticipated dessert.  The waiter serves you a generous portion of piping hot, homemade apple pie, graciously topped with a rounded scoop of hand-churned French vanilla ice cream that has just begun to melt into the flaky layers of the hot pie’s crust.  The scrumptious dessert is eminently perfect, topped off with a light dusting of cinnamon.  Your first bite indulges your taste buds with deep satisfaction.

Hot apple pie is an ambrosial dessert, but when topped with vanilla ice cream and sprinkled with cinnamon, it is even tastier; almost irresistible.

The ice cream (a la mode) adds to the apple pie and makes it look and taste like a particular style or fashion; the style of none other than Nannie’s Country Cupboard.   Another restaurant may serve pretty good apple pie, but they cannot compare to that of Nannie’s Country Cupboard.

  • They may not know how to make their pie taste better.

  • They may not want to do things differently than they have always done them.

  • They may be too lazy to scoop out the ice cream.

  • They may use cheap or artificial ingredients and no one wants to order this dessert a second time.

  • They may have a pretty good dessert, but it just cannot be paralleled to Nannie’s Country Cupboard.

In the end, both restaurants serve the same basic needs – right?  So how did Nannie’s Country Cupboard get so famous for their Apple Pie A La Mode dessert, and why would one choose theirs over just the basic dessert?

The whole experience at Nannie’s Country Cupboard is unforgettable.  The sights, sounds, and aromas of the atmosphere are somewhat noteworthy, but it is the delectable taste of the apple pie a la mode that has allowed Nannie’s Country Cupboard to make a name for itself and caused countless others to try to duplicate their recipe.

What does all this have to do with parenting, and how can it apply to today?  This “Parenting A La Mode” series is designed to inspire you on your parenting journey.

Your parenting journey is definitely a Mt. Everest challenge.   God has chosen you to raise your children into a la mode adults, if you will; an adult whose character and personality is as captivating and intriguing as the hand-churned French vanilla ice cream is to the homemade apple pie.  

Training your children in a particular style is parenting a la mode.  The particular style we will be talking about is considered by some as being old fashioned and out dated, but the proof of the pudding is in the eating.  

If you would like your children to grow up and be a particular style adult; set apart individuals that make an impact on their society and live Godly wholesome lives, 
may I suggest you come back for a second helping of parenting a la mode?

Stay tuned for more articles on training your children.  I have some surprise guest bloggers who will posting this month and am working on a giveaway for the end of our series.

What  particular style, are you training your children?


Debi @ said...

Sounds like you are on to something. Great idea for a series. I look forward to hearing more about it. (stopping by from Growing Home)

Carlie V. said...

What a great idea!

I'm really looking forward to reading along with this series!

Niki French said...

Thank you, Ladies for stopping by. I look forward to having you on this journey!

Anna @ Feminine Adventures said...

Beautiful imagery Niki! Looking forward to reading the series!

Kasey said...

You've whetted my appetite! Can't wait to see all you have in store!

Pamela said...

Not only am I looking forward to your wisdom, now I want a piece of apple pie! I'll be passing on your url to some young mothers.

Mrs. Sarah Coller said...

I am really looking forward to this series...thanks for linking up!

Latisha said...

Visiting today from your comment on my post about Vanilla! I'm looking forward to your thought on the subject. I've been jumbled and encouraged by Chuck Swindol's current series on parenting, and I am always looking for more help. Your description of the restaurant put right into one at an apple orchard in Fennville, MI that is just like it! It was an annual treat to go there. And we ALWAYS ordered the pie - al a mode of course - with their home made apple butter ice cream! Yum.

Niki French said...

Thank you, Pamela for sharing this series with others. Bless you! I hope you got to enjoy some apple pie! :)

Sarah, thanks for the opportunity to link up with you!

Latisha, I appreciate your comment; it warmed my heart! I was so afraid you would think I was spamming your comment section since we didn't know each other and I was leaving you a link. I just HAD to share with you though. I loved your article about the vanilla also because it is my favorite scent for lotions, candles, etc. Thanks for coming to "visit"!