Why We Cry

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A basketball team in El Paso, Texas, has a developmentally disabled young man as their manager who loves the game.  On the last game of the season his coach asked him to suit up.  The last minute and a half of the game, the coach brings him into the game.  The young man shoots several times and misses.  Finally the other team gets the ball.  What does its team member do?  He yells the boy's name who had just shot the ball three times and missed all three times and who is on the other team.  Mitchell turns just in time to catch the ball, shoot again, and THIS time he scores!  No, his team didn't win the game, but Mitchell won the day!

Why does this move us to tears? 

Almost every single comment said how
the viewer was moved to tears when this scene was played out.

Children can be ridiculed for having big eyes, bushy hair, raggedy clothes, or slow responses, yet we are moved to tears when we watch this video.


Is it because of the stand the coach made to take time and effort to invest in Mitchell?

Is it the team players who took their cue from the coach 
and made sure Mitchell was at every game and was a part of the team?

Was it the other team member who said he was taught by his parents to treat others how he wanted to be treated?  (Score one for those parents, for sure!)

Was it the media who filmed the story to lift up the sportsmanship of the boys?

We cry because 
we are moved that there is a coach who will invest in a player 
no matter if he helps him win the game or not.

We cry because
there are still young people out there who will choose to make a difference 
in someone else's life even if it means giving up some of their own glory.

We cry 
for those less fortunate that get the opportunity to be made feel special.

We cry because 
as parents we want our children to have moments of victory 
whether they have bigger challenges to overcome or not.

We cry because 
we are proud that there are still people in America 
who aren't as selfish as the media portrays.

We cry because 
as Christians, this is what Christ has taught us to do; 
...in honor preferring one another...
...esteem each other highly in love...
...putting others wants and needs before our own...

Young person, 
be encouraged to continue living a selfless life, 
even if no one ever catches it on video.

Dads and Moms,
be encouraged to continue teaching your children the Golden Rule.
Never give up teaching the principles of God's Word.
Even if you are never asked to be on TV!

The rewards are priceless!

Blessings, as you continue on this journey,


Susan Brown said...

Really good insight on what makes us tear up at this heartening act of selflessness. We also shed some tears for Mitchell because we know how it feels to try our best and still feel we don't measure up. Or we try and in front of others we fail. We know how it is to feel less than. In those brief moments Mitchell forgot all the times he had tried, his failures, all the times he had been ridiculed for being different. One act of kindness made the difference in his life. Kindness doesn't cost; it pays; kindness has its own rewards for the receiver and the giver.
Great insight shared, Niki

Ashley Ditto said...

Wow, tears. Because I needed this so badly

Niki French said...

Ashley, I am so glad you were blessed today!

Susan, thank you for taking the time to add to the list of reasons why we cry. I appreciate your thoughts on this!