Toddler Mess To Teen Lesson

Here is the short version:

1.  Toddler having a wonderful time drawing in the powder that she sprinkled on the bathroom floor.

2.  Toddler proudly displaying her artistic tools.  (Yes, she is still in her pjs, too!)

3.  Toddler showing Photographer (Mom) exactly how she became The Artist.

4.  Teen sweeping up mess since Photographer realized
this would be a perfect time to teach him

a.  exactly how to sweep 

b.  what is left behind when the job is not done properly

c.  why mopping is necessary mandatory  

5.  Footprint left in the "already swept" section of the floor.  Hmmm...

6.  Completely through sweeping (still a lot of powder on the floor that could barely be seen until the flash                   from the camera picked it up).

7.  One wet "swipe through" on the floor to show the difference between
mopped and not mopped to Teen.

8.  Teen almost finished mopping the floor...correctly!

I love it when visible lessons appear at unexpected times!  Blessings as you find ways to teach your children in creative ways.   I would love to hear some creative ways you have taught your children a lesson!

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momstheword said...

That's what I love about homeschool and parenting, everything's a lesson, lol!

I love this object lesson because I've been there. Both in the mess on the floor and trying to teach someone how to clean it up.

My sons would drop something sticky on the floor and then just wipe it up with a paper towel.

You know what's coming, right? Totally sticky floor. The other thing I've had to teach them was to look beyond the floor.

They would splatter food all over the floor and not even think to look at the cupboards or drawers for splatter, but then their dad does that sometimes too,and so do I, lol! :)

I'm so excited to have you joining us. Thank you for linking up to "Making Your Home Sing Monday!"

Jacqueline@ said...

What a cool post to show how we can teach and grow in the everyday things. You son has especially kind eyes! I'm looking over your delightful blog and really enjoyed reading about your job as a Mom. I am looking forward to getting to know you better.
BTW, while I am thinking of it, please take the time to link-up (you may already have) on the "Encourage One Another' Wednesday link-up. You're posts are great. And you are invited to share every week! Blessings!

Niki French said...


This son is particularly kind and it warms my heart to know you can see it in his eyes. Thank you for the privilege of getting to link up at your blog as well. I just love your blog!

Niki French said...

Nan, I am new to your blog, but appreciate the opportunity to link up with you!

Kids don't see what mommies see when it comes to messes - do they? Even my older teenagers look over things sometimes!

Telling your children to look beyond the floor reminds me of the Lion King movie where the monkey tells Timon to "look beyond what you see". We use this phrase a lot in child training!

Thanks for stopping by! :)