From the Toddler to the Teen - Enjoying Everything In Between

She often looked haggardly with dark circles under her eyes and pale-ish skin.  Her hair was neatly fixed though never stylish.  Clothes were meant more for practicality than beauty or fashion to this woman.

We rarely shared a conversation though we attended the same church and our paths crossed frequently.  I was just starting on the journey of motherhood while she had been there many years before.   I could have learned so much from her, and in fact, maybe I did.

I’ll never forget our chance meeting in the nursery while I was nursing our newest arrival and my two year old played at my feet.   Feeling stressed and somewhat overwhelmed because nursing had never come easy to me, I longed to have someone with more experience than myself to share their wisdom.

The door opened and in she came huffing, puffing, and half dragging two of her children into the nursery.  One needed a diaper change and I am not entirely certain what the other one had need of since he was quite solemn for one so young.

Red-faced and almost panting, through clenched teeth she murmured, “You will NEVER want to do what I did!  This is crazy.  I am 35 years old and have toddlers and teenagers in my house at the same time!  Take my word for it; do NOT do what I did.“

I got lost in her mumblings and grumblings, but learned that having toddlers and teenagers in the home at the same time must have been a horrible thing.

The brainwashing of the world’s view of children continued to grow in my mind when a couple of years later child number 3, our “accident”, arrived.  I thought I was “done in” for, and was scared to death to become the mama I had been warned about! 

Fast forward sixteen years later.

To find out what happened next, follow me on over to Walking Redeemed where I am privileged to be guest posting for her Tots to Teens Child Training Series to read the rest of this article.

Blessings to you today!
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