What If Mama is the Strong-Willed Daughter (Part 2)

I am pleased to be guest posting at Little Natural Cottage for the second time this week to continue this mini series.  If you have just joined us, you can read Part One here.

Part Two...

....when He made the Strong-Willed Woman, He gave her the power to get things done without hindrance or compromise.  He made her to be assertive and determined.  He gave her tenacity that the rest of us do not have.  He made her a leader that is focused and motivated.

How could that fit in with the rest of His Biblical commands to have a meek and quiet spirit and to be in submission to her husband?

God created this woman to be a leader, but He wants her to find where it is best for her to lead.  Does He want her to overstep her husband’s desires to fulfill her own?  Does God want her to insensitively make sure that others know she is always right (even if she really is!)?  Does He want her to be demanding, obsessive and argumentative?

To find out more and to read the rest of Part Two in this mini series follow me over to Little Natural Cottage!

Blessings as you live out your God-given personality in His perfect plan,

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