What if Mama is the Strong-Willed Daughter (Part 1)

·      What if I am the decisive, unquestioned leader in my home? 

·       What if I am quick with good advice and direction and am always right?

·       What if I am very confident in my ability to perform and get things done in a quick and concise way? 

·       What if I am highly productive and let nothing or no one stand in my way of progress? 

·       Does this make me a bad woman?

Have you ever asked yourself these questions?  You are not alone and I hope to shed some light on your God-given personality.  If you have ever felt that God gave you the wrong personality because a strong-willed woman is not thought highly of in your circles, then I would like to tell you to worry no more.

I would love to have you follow me over to Little Natural Cottage where you can read the rest of this article where I try to "tackle" the delicate topic of the strong-willed woman and how she is to submit according to God's plan.

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