Top 5 Most Loved Posts for February

Just for fun, I decided to let you know which posts were read most often this past month.

Number 5 is:  Boys vs Girls - Which Is Better? where I answer the question "Which is easier to raise, boys or girls?"  Do you think one is easier to raise than the other? 

Number 4 is:  The Intimate Side of Marriage where I delicately discuss that topic most generally avoided.

Number 3 is:  Fun Pregnancy Reveal of 2011 where I show you pictures of the way we told our children they were going to be getting a new sibling.

Number 2 is:  Letting Go So They Can Grow where I challenged parents to cover their children DAILY in prayer and learn to let God protect them as they become independent...which they have been doing since they entered this world!

And Number 1....drum roll  My Experience With Sanctity of Human Life where I tell the story of our first little Angel running the streets of Gold today!

Thanks for stopping by and you can cast your vote for your favorite in the comments below!


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