Grace...Our Family Word for 2013

Many people pick out a word to live by at the beginning of the year.  
Well, we just picked ours.  A little late, I know.

After trying many, many ways to keep my kids busy on what they are supposed to be doing, I tried one more time at my hubby's advise, to put them on another written schedule.  It has worked beautifully today. 

I think I have figured out one key mistake I make when trying to implement a schedule. 

I'm a nagger.  

Whew!  That sounds horrible when put into writing.  In my efforts to keep things in line and going on schedule I am consistent at one thing.  I nag them to do what they are supposed to be doing.  

I'm talking about the bigger kids here.  They are definitely big enough to know what they are supposed to do.  We have the schedule printed and posted in each of their rooms.  
We have gone by this schedule for a while.  
They should know, right?   

Then here comes Big Mama right behind them reminding them
every step of the way.
"What are you supposed to be doing?" 
"Why are you not doing thus and so?"  
"Is what you are doing right now helping you go by your schedule?"  
On and on!  When do I stop?  (Obviously feeling a little guilt here!)

I'm a mama

I cannot stop.  It is ingrained with every fiber of my being.  
I desperately want them to succeed, no matter what choices they make.   God put that into mamas.

Is there a way to make it not sound like nagging?  I'm sure.  There is a fine line between expecting your children to obey the first time you speak and reminding them to stay on task.  I am not sure if I am walking that line perfectly; only time will tell. 


Jesus exemplified

God loves His children.   He constantly gives us grace 
when we don't stay on track.  
He wants us to ultimately succeed.  
It is ingrained with every fiber of His being. 

He takes it a step further.  
He gave us His Word to go to any time we need it.  

Our children do not have a written manual.  Bummer.
Wouldn't things be easier then?

Blessings as you find the pleasures of living in God's grace,
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Hannah said...

This is a very good reminder for everyone! =D

Niki French said...

Thank you, Hannah and I appreciate your visit! Have a "graceful" evening! :)

Maria Rice said...

Good thoughts!