What We Took Away From Our Daniel/Media Fast

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It's now been a little over a week since we were off of our first Daniel/Media fast.  My days have been jam-packed and I haven't been able to write like I have wanted to.

The first day we could eat "real" food, breakfast consisted of bacon, eggs, biscuits, gravy, and so on.  Our stomachs could not hold the amount of food our eyes told us we wanted, but it was delicious.  We continued to thank the Lord throughout the day (and many days since) for food that tastes good!

At our family meeting the last night of our fast we discussed what we could continue to do with and what we could not do without.  Here is what we have decided.

Cutting back on portion size and not getting seconds is something we need to strive to keep doing.  (Sometimes our Daniel Fast food didn't appeal enough to us to make us want seconds plus fruits and veggies are not as filling as proteins and carbs.)

We need to incorporate more fruits and vegetables in our daily diet.

Coffee with cream and sugar is a definite MUST, but we have cut back on the amount of cream and sugar, and we make our coffee weaker.

We have not made one pitcher of sweet tea since we started our fast and decided we would only drink it at special occasions.  Our pastor's wife makes a delicious green tea that is so sweet it will knock your socks off.  Therefore, Sundays are our special occasion to each have one glass.  Happy family!

I will only use green bell peppers to cook with and won't use them very often.  I think they might be the culprit of some of my stomach trouble.  (Today is the first day since the 12th of this month that I have not had stomach issues.)

Reading the food labels is very important.  Sugar is in almost everything, and we have chosen to buy more foods with no sugar in the label than we used to.

We prefer to continue having meat at almost every meal.

We do not care for tofu. 

One member of the family slimmed down noticeably.  Another one lost a few pounds.  The rest of us remained the same weight and size.  (Bummer!)

Those are some of the things we took away from the Daniel Fast.  It was a great experience for us to do this together.  I hope we will do it again with better results...and recipes!

Our partial media fast also inspired us.  We found we could actually live without so many hours of "brain candy".  You can read more about what that means here.  It was rewarding to watch big sister reading and doing puzzles, etc. with little sisters, brothers reading more and working together outside, brothers and sisters laughing and playing together.  Mommy got a lot more accomplished with the internet not drawing her. :/  Daddy even played a lot of games with us.  It was a great 10 days of focusing on quality family time.

We are not keeping a timer now, but our media time is less than it used to be and I am glad! :)

My next post will be about what we saw God do for us specifically during the ten day fast.  (Very exciting news!)

I hope you have been inspired by our journey.  

Blessings as you follow God's leading on your journey, 
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I have been informed by a dear friend and dedicated reader that I had several spelling errors in this post. Please forgive me; I despise spelling errors! I can now fondly refer to her as my consultant!