The Sixth Swing

 The Sixth Swing
The sun was finally shining again after several days of wintry bliss.  A gentle breeze was blowing just enough to make one entertain the idea of kite flying and the hint of spring brushed the air.  The playground was filled with smiling children grateful at last for a chance to be outdoors. Laughter saturated the air with a happy melody promising that winter soon would give way to sunnier days.

Her eyes met mine and a smile quickly spread across her face when she recognized me.  Her hand shot up in the air and back down again as if she became embarrassed midway through her greeting.   She darted around the slide out of sight and I began explaining to my daughters who the little girl was.

Several times she walked briskly in front of our family jabbering with a friend about the last time we had seen each other.  Then she would run to the woman who had ...

To continue reading this story, follow me to Jim Laudell's Highpoints where I am guest blogging today.

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Kasey said...

Very well written, Niki! Excellent food for thought, prayer and study!!

Little Natural Cottage said...

Excellent article, Niki! Very insightful and well written. Thank you for these encouraging words, my friend.

Jills Home Remedies said...

Wonderful post, Niki!

living from glory to glory said...

Hello, I cried when I read this amazing insightful story. This tragic heart breaking story is being played out daily. And it is the sweet children who suffer from the ME generations.
I can only give God praise, for allowing my hubby and myself to stay together to raise our children.
Blessings, Roxy

Niki French said...

Thank you, Ladies, for your sweet compliments and thank you for taking the time to share them with me. Praise the Lord, Roxy, for your desire to raise your children together for His glory!