Our Daniel/Media Fast Journey Part 3

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If you are interested in seeing how our family participated in a Daniel Fast you can read
Day eight:
Breakfast: Some had leftover spaghetti and some drank some juice
Lunch:  Chips, homemade pico, popcorn (Made grill cheese sandwiches for company.  It was crazy and hectic; didn't think to eat better.)
Supper:  Vegetable soup
Snacks: Homemade crackers, apples
Drinks:  Water
Side effects:  We all felt pretty good today! :)

Day nine:
Breakfast: Fruit smoothies (juice and fruit only)
Lunch: Bean burritos, leftover veggie soup and homemade crackers
Supper:  Tofu and veggie stir fry
Snacks: Mixed nuts with raisins
Drinks:  Water
Side effects:  In the evening, my stomach bothered me tremendously.  Indigestion/heartburn and pain.  One of the kids had some sick stomach issues before bed time.

Day ten:
Breakfast:  Applesauce, juice, mixed nuts, fruit smoothie
Lunch: Salad
Supper:  Oriental stir fry with tofu and brown rice
Snacks: Mixed nuts
Drinks:  Water
Side effects:  Just my stomach issues.

As you can tell, our choices grew thin.  It seems we had the same vegetables a lot.  I did try to alternate them though.

Just as the Daniel Fast is a partial fast, our Media fast was a partial fast, too.  We allowed ourselves one hour a day of "brain candy" and it was noncumulative.  We adhered to this fairly well.  There was one night in particular that the guys watched one whole movie and I believe it was almost two hours long.  There was one night that I spent 2 hours on face book and that was personal, blogging,  and ministry-based.  The rest of the time when we allowed ourselves "brain candy" we tried to make sure it was Biblical or educational.

It was heart warming to see so much more family and sibling interaction.  After much discussion and prayer, we hope to keep our future "brain candy" at a minimum.

My next post will be a summary of our fast and my thoughts about it since today is the last day we are going to be fasting.

Blessings on your journey!

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Deanna said...

Good Job! Our church always starts the yr with a fast. The neat thing is, we have noticed each year that we don't have as many changes to make to our diet, and we have less "detox" symptoms. The Daniel's Fast helps you to think about food choices! If you decide to do it again, I could share some recipes with you.

Niki French said...

Deanna, the detox headaches, etc. were definitely a noteworthy hurdle. I would love to see your recipes so we can experience a little more variety next time. Thank you for stopping by and I look forward to those recipes! :)