Our Daniel/Media Fast Journey Part 2

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Day five:
Breakfast:  Applesauce
Lunch:  5 bean combo, corn, and homemade pico with corn chips
Supper:  Potatoes, corn on the cobb, mixed veggies all cooked on the grill
Snacks:  Almonds, unsweetened trail mix, popcorn
Drinks:  Water
Side effects:  The rest of the family seem to be doing okay physically.  I am having terrible stomach issues.  My stomach hurts and feels like it is on fire. Bowels have changed drastically for me, but rest of the family's seem to be the same.

Day six:
Breakfast: Applesauce and oatmeal
Lunch:  Meatless Spaghetti
Supper: Leftover Spaghetti and bean burritos
Snacks: Carrots, broccoli, and bell peppers dipped in olive oil and seasonings
Drinks: Water
Side effects:  I am still having stomach issues.  Rest of the family are doing well.

Day seven:
Breakfast: Fruit smoothies (fruit and juice only)
Lunch: Bean and tofu chili
Supper:  Leftovers, steamed broccoli, baked french fries (stretching the spirit of the law on this one, but we were desperate!)
Snacks:  Mixed nuts, homemade popcorn (sprayed lightly with olive oil and seasoned with Lawry's salt), fruit smoothies (fruit and juice only)
Drinks: Water
Side effects:  Me and my stomach issues are getting better...the rest of the family are okay.

I have learned to make homemade crackers this week from a very dear friend.  It has been so much fun.  We have tweaked the recipe until last night we finally got it right.  I will be sharing that with you soon!

I haven't shared what are mental state has been through this first week of fasting from meats, dairy, sweeteners (natural or artificial), leavened bread, refined and processed foods, deep fried foods, solid fats (shortening, margarine, foods high in fat), and drinks other than water. 

 It has been quite a challenge.  It is hard not to think of all of the "good" foods and drinks we cannot have.  We miss our coffee with cream and sugar, milk and cereal in the mornings, and desserts after our meals to name a few.  Going to God in prayer when we feel these cravings instead of complaining to each other is hard.  But it is paying off.  God is working in our lives.  I hope to be able to share some things when we are finished.

Is it hard?  


Is it worth it?


Blessings on your journey today and you can read about our first few days here or our last days of our fast here.
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Rashel said...

I'm enjoying reading about your journey through your fast and I look forward to hearing more. We haven't done such an in depth food fast, but we did do a media fast and we were definitely blessed by it.

Niki French said...

Thank you for visiting, Rashel! I will be sharing more information about the media side of our fasting next time. It has been a blessing to us as well!