Am I Graceful? defines "graceful" as 
characterized by elegance or beauty of form, manner, movementor speech; 

Probably the first use of the word that comes to mind is in reference to a dancer or very refined and elegant lady.  I will admit that one thinks of how one looks, walks, and acts when thinking of gracefulness.

We all definitely know when someone is NOT graceful.  It is that awkward young school girl who feels her hands and feet are too big and continuously falls all over herself literally as well as in speech.  I'm sure you can think of many other instances of not being graceful.

But what is true gracefulness in a lady?

Is it that lady who always looks so put together?

Is it that lady whose hair is never out of place, her clothes always match, and looks like she bought them from Saks Fifth Avenue?

Is it the lady who drives the BMW, walks like a model, and Botox has become her best friend?

You get the idea.  We have this picture in our mind of what being a graceful lady is and most of us can't measure up.

What does God think?

When we see ourselves disheveled, barely put together, with Resale Boutique designer shoes (if we are lucky), He sees a  generous Mommy administering grace to her family by putting their needs before her own. 

When we know that our purse never matches our outfit and it is overstuffed with diapers and burp rags, He  knows that you are being thoughtful and prepared to take care of those around you. 

When we don't have time for great hair-dos, and just grab a pony tail holder, He sees an elegant, feminine woman who is self sacrificing.

Gracefulness is more than your exterior.  

It is...

the gentleness in your voice when you speak to others

your generosity of spirit

the kindness of your heart

the patience you posses (or are at least striving to posses)

your respect for others

...and so on.

The next time you feel less than graceful, remember God sees you as full of grace and loves you deeply.

Blessings to the graceful as God sees you,

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Rashel said...

Thank you for this reminder. Although, I am still working on the gentleness in my voice.....and the patience, and the generosity and the..... But my voice is my worst enemy right now. I am so thankful He isn't finished with me yet.

Jills Home Remedies said...

Love this, Niki! I certainly feel less than graceful many times...thank you for the encouragement!

Niki French said...

Thank you, Ladies for visiting! God has created you graceful and sees you this way. Blessings!