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Hubby and I were privileged to host a Financial Peace University 13 week class a few years ago.  Amazingly, we witnessed thousands of dollars in debt being payed off by different individuals during that time and many who declared they would never use credit cards again.  

One man paid off almost $30,000  in credit card debt, cut up his credit cards, and gave them to us to throw away.  He was very ill and sadly passed away not long after the class.  His wife was thankful he had taken the steps to get them out of debt.

I know many have a hard time during the this CHRISTmas season.  Feelings of 
and depression
can cause some to make decisions that will negatively affect their family when the January bills come due.

I am going to share with you some FREE Christmas Gift Ideas 
from now until Christmas in future posts.  
I hope you will come back for more!  Until then, here's a fun quiz I adapted from 
 Dave Ramsey
(It wouldn't copy straight over, so I tweaked it a little bit.
He did have options to share it; just not with Blogger.)

His teachings are what the old-time Pentecostal's used to say , "that's tight, but that's right".

 I will share with you my results at the end.....

Nerd and Free Spirit Checklist
Make note of the statement that best describes you.  
Add your totals and chart your score below.
ü  You actually enjoy making a Christmas shopping list.
ü  You never ever, ever, ever go searching for hidden gifts.
ü  You’re on time to the church Christmas party. Always.
ü  Everyone at Christmas dinner has assigned seating.
ü  Christmas recipes should be followed precisely.  Like rules.
ü  Wrapping Christmas presents is a science, and should be taken seriously.
ü  You’ve already purchased 90% of the gifts you need to buy.
ü  All of your ornaments are properly spaced and arranged on the tree.
Your Nerd Score:
Nerd-ish  (4-5)
Nerd (6-7)
Ultra Nerd (8)
ü  What shopping list?  You prefer to head to the mall and wing it.
ü  If a gift is hidden, it can be found.  Who can wait for a surprise?
ü  What time is the party?                                                                       
ü  Christmas dinner is a free-for-all, as long as you don’t have to sit at the kid’s table.
ü  Recipes are mainly suggestions.  Just do a dash here and a dash there.
ü  Throw it in a bag and apologize later.                                        
ü  You’ll head out on Christmas Eve and do your shopping.
ü  You just throw the ornaments on the tree wherever the Christmas spirit leads.
Your Free Spirit Score:
Free Spirit-ish (4-5)
Free Spirit (6-7)
Oh-So-Free Spirit (8)
It’s ok to be a Nerd.  Nothing wrong with it at all.  Just don’t take your nerdiness overboard.  Remember Christmas is supposed to be fun.
Now Free Spirits, we are not letting you off the hook.  If the Nerd’s job is to not take all the fun out of the Christmas season, your job is to add in a little organization and focus on the holidays.

I was "Free Spirit-ish! How did you do?

I will add in reference to The Color Code for this season: Reds, lighten up and have some fun.  Blues, help us all make this time of celebrating and remembering Christ's birthday more memorable for years to come.  Yellows, take time to make a list and purpose to make lasting memories.   Whites give us your opinions on all of the celebrations; we value what you have to say.

If you are unfamiliar with The Color Code you can find more about it in the color links above.  It is life changing information to help you relate to yourself and others in a more positive, meaningful way.

Nerds and Free Spirits,
Reds, Blues, Yellows, and Whites,
Blessings as you enjoy this CHRISTmas season with those you love.
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Little Natural Cottage said...

Niki, I scored 4 "Nerdish" and 4 "Free Spiritish"... I guess I'm just SO balanced, lol! Just kidding.

This was fun, thanks for sharing!