Free Christmas Gifts - Idea 6 - A Favor

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As Mommies, we tend to do so much around the house that you might be thinking that I have lost my mind.  We cook, clean, wash clothes, teach, wipe noses, change diapers, counsel teenagers, and take care of our hubby, just to name a few!  What more could we possibly do?

I am suggesting that for today''s FREE Christmas Gift Idea to do something 

out of the ordinary.  

Do something that would not fall under the "normal" duties of a mommy.

A foot message
Do one of your children's chores for them
Take time to play a game
Wash your hubby's car
Do an errand for for a friend

If you are not a mommy yet or not a mommy of small children, 
you might have to choose different favors. You could

Help a friend put up their Christmas tree
Bake some goodies for a new mommy
Offer free babysitting so Mommy and Daddy can have a date night
Offer to help a mommy get caught up on her 
laundry or house cleaning
Pay for the person's gas in line behind you
Have the oil changed in a single mom's car 
Offer to take a family out to eat

I would love to hear some of your ideas to make this list longer for those who could use a favor this season.

  I hope you and your family will be blessed today as you find ways to give the out-of-the-ordinary gift of service to those in need of a favor!

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Love Language: Acts of Service

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