Free Christmas Gifts - Idea 5 - Compliments

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If you would like to read the first FREE Christmas idea  you may do so here then follow the links at the bottom of each post to catch up to today's post.  I decided to pick up where I left off last year where my plan had been to give you 10 FREE ideas.  We got through 4 last year.  Let's see how far we get this year. :)

In this post I began sharing ways to affirm those around you by jotting them a quick "I love you note".  I love to receive notes and have to admit I keep most of the cards, letters, and notes I receive.  Just ask my friend, Beth, who has helped me try to organize them all!  

Today, I would suggest a verbal compliment.  

(Forgive me if I constantly refer to The Color Code in my writings, but it is a huge part of our lives.)

Blues and Reds tend to struggle with giving compliments a little more, but sometimes just need suggestions and ideas.  The Reds don't like anything too gushy and the Blues really feel when you do something worthy of a compliment you will get one, but those instances are rare.  

Yellows thrive on compliments and tend to give them often.  If you have a Yellow spouse or child, you will make their day by telling them how wonderful they are at something or how good they look!  

I don't want to leave the Whites out of this equation.  A genuine compliment will make them feel good, but they will know if you really meant it or not.  They might not seem appreciative of your words, but are soaking them all in.   

Compliments are free and make the giver and the recipient both feel good!  If verbal compliments aren't your thing, write them down and place them in places your loved one will find them easily.

Your child's bathroom mirror
Your hubby's sock drawer
The fridge
Steering wheel
Lap top

Gift wrapping them would even be a nice touch this time of year!

Blessings as you enjoy giving FREE gifts this year and making those around you feel more loved!

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Love Language: Words of Affirmation


Jills Home Remedies said...

Compliments can go a long way!

Kasey said...

I haven't seen the first few posts yet and this wasn't what I was expecting. It's better! I love the ideas! I'll go see what else you've got!