Be the Change

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A recent conversation with my son caused this mama to hop on one of her soapboxes.  Riding in the car on the way home from church he shared his feelings on an area that all of the children need to work on.  
He admitted that he had not been doing so great in this area and suggested they all do better.

This was great, quite mature of him really, but it resonated something within me.  I began to share in a motherly-lecturing-learn-something-here-kid tone of voice how it was going to take him to start the ball rolling.  He shouldn't wait for someone else to start.

Oh boy!  This immediately brought to my mind two very specific times in my life where I had to do this.  

My emotions began to gain momentum as my 
words were ignited with the fuel of remembrance.

One event I remembered took place when I was just thirteen years old.  I had grown tired of a certain behavior from a certain someone and decided that I was no longer going to be the cause of that person's negative reactions to me.  Now this was hard to do since this certain somebody was very close to me.

The second event I remembered took place in my marriage in the earlier years.  I can almost take you to the exact spot where I was praying when I resolved to be the one to change.  No longer was I going to pray for the Lord to please change my husband.
No longer was I going to toy with the "ya-ya" thoughts of

"If he will start treating me this way, I will start treating him that way" 
"If he will do this, I will do that" 
"If he will stop doing this, I will start doing that".  

Have you ever said these things before? 

Sharing these events with my son (and everyone else in the car) brought these words out of my mouth, 

"Be the Change"!  

If you want change in your relationship with your brothers, husband, or mom, be that change.  You start the ball rolling.   It's best to not wait for the other person to change.  Most of the time you end up getting what you wanted in the end and you will also love the person
God is changing in you.

Funny how that works! :)

Blessings as you begin to be the change in your relationships today!

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P.S.  Don't get discouraged 
if you don't see the other person changing quickly.   
They didn't get where they are overnight and 
change won't happen overnight either.  
I cautioned my son to make sure his motives were pure.  
Changing a behavior of your own just to make the other person change is 
a manipulative tactic and impure motive.  
God will honor a pure motive and you will be blessed with the end results.
Happy changing!  
(And I don't mean dirty diapers!)


Maria Rice said...

Loved this!

Susan Brown said...

The only person I can change is me. I am the only person responsinle for me.