What To Do After Disappointing Election Results

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The common thread of comments coming from those disappointed in the election results are bleak at best.  I appreciate the efforts.  We do need encouraging words at every turn to lift us higher.

The media is grasping at straws.  They can speculate all the reasons Romney didn't win.  They can calculate the mistakes and summarize his failed strategy all they want, but ultimately it is just an attempt to make everyone feel better or to place the blame on someone else.  How are they doing?  Do you feel soothed by their attempts?

I am ready to move on!  

Yes, I know the results are not favorable.   But here's the deal.  The results are what God wanted and planned all along.
  • I am disappointed there weren't enough people in America that care about solid Christian values.  
  • I am saddened that our country has stooped to this nature.  
  • I am thankful for every person who voted for the values I stand for.
I am glad God is in control.

That is what I can take to the bank.

America is spiraling towards being unrecognizable at an alarming rate, but ranting, raving, or sitting in doom and despair is not going to change anything.

So what am I going to do now?  I am going to focus on my immediate, God-given jobs.
  • Supporting my husband.
  • Teaching my daughters to be honorable, feminine, and respectful.  Preparing them to one day becoming Godly wives and mommies.
  • Teaching my sons to be the Godly leader of their homes and to work with their hands to provide a gracious living for their families.
  • Providing the education they need to become moral, upright citizens; capable of making a difference in this world.

If I will focus on what God has given me to do today, He will take care of tomorrow.

Blessings as you find a way to thrive in your own home while the outside seems to be struggling to survive.

God has a plan and is in control of all things!

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