Thanksgiving: A Holiday or a Place?

Photo Courtesy:  Ronnie Rice (my brother - back row, far left)
What do we know of Thanksgiving?

It is in November. (At least that is when we celebrate it.)

We remember the Pilgrims settling in America and 
making friends with the Indians.

There's a lot of food, including a turkey, and we usually eat too much!

Families get together.

Everyone gains a few pounds.

Thanksgiving has become such a rich tradition in our family that our kids think it is a place to go, not just a holiday.  It is great to hear them chattering about 
"seeing their cousins at Thanksgiving" and "going to Thanksgiving".  

Our tradition is to travel to Texas (Yay!) and stay for a few days at one of my cousin's place.  There is usually close to 50 of us; 30 are kids!  :)  We have air soft BB gun wars, Paint Ball wars, crafts, ladies and girls shopping on Black Friday morning and men and boys pawn shopping on Black Friday afternoon.  Good cooking, long talks, toddler chatters, not much sleep, and families united once again.

We have done this for over 12 years and our kids look forward to going to next year's Thanksgiving  when we pull out of the driveway from this year's!

I'm thankful for families and the memories my children have of getting together with theirs.

What are your Thanksgiving traditions?  

Blessings as you celebrate this holiday that sometimes seems to be 
getting lost between Halloween and Christmas.

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