Learning To Appreciate Your Cycle

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I received an email from Above Rubies some time back and in it was a link to this amazing calendar.  If you can answer 3 questions about yourself, you can find out so much about your cycle.  Such things as when you are most fertile, when you are likely to be ovulating, and when your progesterone bottoms out and your moods swing low.

The calendar is laid out in a bar graph that explains the best time for conception and even the best times for conceiving a boy or girl!  It is very specific to you and your body once you answer the 3 questions since this becomes your menstrual cycle data

If your system is not regular this calendar might not work for you, but should give you a general idea of what to expect.  I have referred to this calendar many times and most generally it is right.  

In more recent days, I have secretly calculated possible due dates should the Lord decide to bless us with one of His jewels again. :)

I wanted to pass this valuable information along to you even if you are not trying to conceive.  It is also useful in tracking your mood swings, etc.  There is not information on this particular chart to keep track, but it would be easy to look at and make the connections.

I am also familiar with another website that has an awesome ministry centered around a woman's cycle.  Yes, I know, that sounds a bit far fetched.  But Blessing God's Way has mentored many in maidenhood - maternity - menopause.  I copied this from their site because I cannot say it any better:

Biblical Worldview:
  • Cycles are a blessing
  • Cycles have a purpose
  • Cycles should be embraced Biblically
  • Cycles are private, but part of life
  • Cycles are spiritual times
Secular Worldview
  • Cycles are curses
  • Cycles are bothersome
  • Cycles need fixing or taken away
  • Cycles are gross and private
  • Cycles are physical events only

I have to admit in times passed I had a pretty worldly view.  God has taken me on a journey to become more like Him.  He put influential people in my life to help guide me in the right direction; Godly ladies who acted out Titus 2 as they lived a Proverbs 31 life.   

I have used some of Blessing God's Way's materials in times past to teach young maidens and try to change their world view.  I may have shared with them too late.
When one is strongly influenced by others and daily bombarded with a worldly view, it takes much more than a few classes to transform them to a Godly view.

I strongly recommend you consider spending some time at either of these wonderful ministries: Blessings God's Way and Above Rubies.  I also hope that you adopt a Godly view of your cycle if you have not already.

I would love to talk to you more about this.  Please leave a comment or 
contact me directly through face book.  

Blessings as you discover how your body was divinely designed 
and how God wants us to view our monthly cycle.
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Prowess and Pearls said...

Hi Niki! Very interested info, I will be passing it on to my daughter, who just recently got married. i found you over at Womanhood with Purpose. Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

Kasey said...

Awesome info that I'll find very useful with my girls! Thanks!!