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I was contacted last month about doing a review for some of  CPT Worldwide's products.  Having never  used any kind of tests other than an occasional department store pregnancy test, I was eager to try their product.

I used the instructions on CPT's website to find out what day I was supposed to start testing for ovulation.  When I tested the first two days, I was discouraged because I thought I had missed the window of my ovulation.  The tests read negative.

I skipped two days thinking I would have to wait until next month to try testing again.  Then I decided to not wait.  The ovulation test results were positive 

with two lines being the same color!  

Even though following the simple instructions, we are sure that at least for now it is not in God's plan for us to conceive at this time.  I will maybe get to use CPT's pregnancy tests next month! :)
CPT Worldwide is an informative company with many helpful suggestions in fertility and cheap pregnancy tests (thus the name though they will be changing it soon).  Their prices are more-than-affordable and their values are reputable.  I encourage you to check out their site and be encouraged as you become acquainted with God's design in fertility and this wonderful company.

You can enjoy a 15% off savings until November 30th when you enter the code JOURNEY during checkout!

The life of a baby is priceless as it is a blessing from 
God Himself!
   Blessings as you go about your day!    
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