Another Hollywood Relationship Gone Sour: Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Split

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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez: They spent two years of their life on each other.  For what?


You're holding your breath a you sit on the edge of your seat.  Heart pounding.  Butterflies in you stomach.  Then they kiss and you have a warm sensation wash over your body.  You feel so good as another Hollywood love story reaches its climax.

Movie is over.

You reluctantly get off the couch and dirty dishes stare you in the face, snotty noses need to be wiped, and "man trash" is scattered here and there.  You are violently jerked back into reality.

What did another Hollywood romance do for you?  

It sowed seeds of discontentment and gave you unrealistic expectations of your own life.

A Hollywood romance is easy to fall prey to.  They paint the picture so well.  Girl is beautiful, sexy, and trendy.  Boy is muscular, ruggedly handsome, and wealthy.  They meet, fall in love, get physical, and supposedly live happily ever after; all in an hour and a half.

They "hook" the girls with the romantic story line and "hook" the guys with enough action and seduction to keep their attention.  You spent valuable time and money.  For what?

A feeling of discontentment with what God has given you.

A few less dollars in your wallet.

Time wasted that you can NEVER regain.  Time you could have invested in making memories that will last forever.  Time you cold have used to strengthen your relationship with those who love you, including your Father!

No guilt trips here, just caution in spending too much time filling your mind with seeds of dissatisfaction.

Blessings as you find contentment in your reality.

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