A Hollywood Marriage Vs A Biblical Marriage

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It saddens me to hear of a marriage dissolving, even in Hollywood.  

What if they did things a little differently?

What if they chose to be together for the right reasons?

What if they became one flesh seeking a common goal?   Instead of trying to be married and still living for themselves.

What if the wife supported her husband's career choices instead of trying to climb the ladder of success on her own?

What if they made the commitment to be true to each other physically no matter how much money they were offered to make a movie doing otherwise?

It wouldn't become a best seller, because lies are what sells.  

Look at movies, billboards, commercials, etc.  I rest my case.  Lies are what makes the Hollywood producers fortunes.  And we fall into their trap.
Guilty.  I love Sleepless in Seattle just as much as the next girl.

What am I saying?

Don't buy into the lies. God made you who you are.  He gave you the man of your dreams.
Focus on what is 
and praiseworthy.  
Fill your mind with those thoughts.  Joy and contentment are just around the corner.

I promise!

Blessings as you think on "those" things,

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