A Complaint Journal

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A complaint Journal??  How depressing is that?  I know, I'm not suggesting you must do this. But if I wrote down every time I complained about something I didn't like or something that irritated me, I'm afraid some days I would run out of paper.

How many times a day do I say, "I hate..."

Too many times in our home.  The words I hate have become overused as much as I love.

Do we really hate what we say we do?  Do we hate in the same way that our Heavenly Father hates?

He hates 
a proud look
a lying tongue
hands that shed innocent blood
a heart that devises wicked things
feet that run to mischief
a false witness that speaks lies
those that sow discord among the brethren (Prov. 6:16-19)

  What is our rant about hating to wait in line or hating rudeness or clutter compare to that?

What if I kept a little notebook and pencil with me and wrote down every time I complained about something that inconvenienced me?  How many pages would be filled in just one day?

Doesn't Phil. 2:14 tell me to do ALL things without griping and complaining?  If I want to teach my children to quit complaining, shouldn't I first model that for  them?

We are trying to use the words I hate less and speak more positive words in our home.  Complaining never made any one feel any better really.

Blessings as we strive to complain less and appreciate more!
(Especially during this time of Thanksgiving!)
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