New Home School Curriculum for 2012-2013

As stated many times before on this blog, I love to try new things.  Most of this has to do with me being a Yellow.  If that sounds a bit odd to you, go here to find out what in the world I am talking about!  That being said, we are trying a new curriculum with my elementary-aged children (3) this year.  It is something I have looked at from a distance for a long time, but have not tried because it is way out of the box for me.  I was used to the textbook only way of teaching and have been trying for several years to step out of my box to meet the needs of my children.  My hubby is my greatest cheerleader in this area because he is a natural out-of-the-box thinker. (He is a Blue, by the way, and you can read more about that here!)

I took the plunge!

I tried this unit study approach called  My Father's World.   I had tried unit studies one time before with Konos and didn't stick with it.

Pros and cons for Konos:



One teacher manual for 2-3 years

Many suggested activities

Strong character traits as foundation


No lesson plans for teacher

My library had none of the suggested books to learn from

Got overwhelmed with too many activities to choose from

Got pregnant and was extremely sick (hard to do wonderful activities from the couch!)

Why we chose My Father's World this year:


Detailed lesson plans for teacher (I definitely need this!)

Books come with the package (library materials are supplemental) (A little more expensive, but well worth it!)

Combines the best of Charlotte Mason ideas and classical education with a Biblical worldview and international focus

Integrating Bible and History together making the Bible more relevant to us today

Strong emphasis on God's desire for the whole world to come to know Him and our responsibility to make that happen

Broad cultural awareness with missions emphasis

I could go on...;-)


I am a visual learner (Would love to have someone show me the ins and outs.)

I wish they would offer the memory verses in KJV also (We prefer to memorize from the KJV though we study from multiple translations.)

That's it!  My children seem to be loving this year's school as well.  I will be writing about our journey more. Since we are now in week 4, I have some catching up to do! :-)

Blessings as always,

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A Mamas Story said...

Woohoo!!! :) Have you linked up yet on the Blogroll?

A Mamas Story said...

BTW, we also learn our verses from the KJV, too. I just create a new sheet with the verses we're learning and we're good to go. :)

Misty Steele said...

We are switching to a new curriculum too. It's called Christian Lighthouse Publications. Just ordered it yesterday so we'll see how it goes.

Niki French said...

Sara, I haven't linked up yet. I thought I might should wait until I wrote about our first few weeks. I am so excited to be a part!

Misty, Keep us posted on how it al works out! :)