My Father's World Exploring Countries and Cultures Week 1

H and P pointing to the continent where we live!
Here is a look into our first week with My Father's World and Exploring Countries and Cultures!  We are looking forward to a great year.  I hope to keep you posted as the weeks go by.  It will be great to look back and see what all we have accomplished.

Bible:  Memorizing Psalm 91:1-8 (all 5 children)
                Memorized John 3:16 and made a poster of pictures of people from different countries
                Read God Speaks Numanggang and loved it!  We learned how there are almost 7,000 different                        languages in the world, but only 435 have the Bible in their language.  This was an eye opener for sure.

Language Arts: H (7 yrs old) has A Reason For Handwriting Manuscript B
                                      P (13 rs old) has English PACEs

Spelling:  H will have PACEs since we have tested her and are ordering soon.
                      P is doing PACEs as well.

Math:  H is doing Math-U-See Alpha.
                P has been working on Dianne Craft Flashcards for the Right Brain Learner and will be starting            Life of Fred soon.

Geography:  Pretested to see what countries the kids knew...not much! :/  We learned the difference between maps and globes,  identified North, South, East, and West and made a compass rose.  H doesn't quite understand direction, but P has always been good at this.  (Takes after his daddy!)  He spent much time with the World Book Encyclopedia DVD-ROM and thoroughly enjoyed it.  He loves information and facts, especially if they are rare or abnormal facts.  We labeled the North and South Poles, the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, the Equator and Prime Median.  We practiced using a scale to find different locations on a map. We learned the 7 continents with the help of a catchy song.  P is also doing the Classroom Atlas Reading which is for older students.

Science:  P is doing Apologia Exploring Creation with Astronomy
                      H will be getting The Complete Book of Animals in the mail soon!
                      (the Properties of Ecosystems is a little over her head this year.)

Music:  Wee Sing Hello to All the Children of the World, The Continent Song

Art:  John 3:16 poster

Reading:  H is going through Abeka's Readers and I read Aesop's Fables to her.
                       P is Reading Eric Liddel

It was a great week!  How was your first week of school this year?

Blessings to you all,
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