MFW ECC Week 5 and Little C's Illness

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This was an interesting week, but not because of some awesome school activities I must say.  My youngest was very sick.  As I said in my last post on our MFW ECC journey, C started coming down with something.  I had supposed it was the flu since it is that time of year.  I shared the first tell-tale signs in this post.

By Thursday of this week, I was convinced it was not the flu.  These were my hints:

No one else in the family got what she had.

Her fever was VERY high (103.8 when I took her to see the doctor).

She was very lethargic Tuesday and Wednesday.

The strange happenings of the previous week began to fall into place.

What I did not write about last week was the strange lapse in C's potty training.  She has been trained since March, but all of a sudden acted like she had forgotten everything.  This was disheartening and confusing.  For almost a week we had to change her clothes 2-3 times a day.  Eeek!  This is not what a mommy wants to do after 8 months of no longer changing diapers.  I started having to set my alarm and take her every hour just to keep any accidents from happening.

Many possible ideas went through my head as to why this was happening, but I was unsure.  On the following Thursday, I took C to the doctor.  He was concerned after I had given him the details of the lapse in potty training with the details of how she had felt all week.  He gave instructions for blood work and chest and abdomen x-rays to be done ASAP.

Worried Mommy.

I ran home and got the rest of the family, we drove through McDonald's (I know...horrible choice when trying to eat more healthy!), and headed to the local hospital.  Small town availabilities proved to get the best of our timing and Lab and Radiology were closed.  We then drove to our neighboring Big Town and had the orders filled.

C was a trooper.  The x-ray technician commented that he wished all children behaved as she did.  She got 5 stickers from the nurses in the Lab.

Proud Mommy!

The next morning had us back at the doctor where he confirmed the kidney infection.  With strong antibiotics, Pedialyte, stomach relief and pain meds all tucked in a big sack we finally headed home for some much needed rest.  I wished desperately that I had an alternative (healthier) way to help her instead of medication!

Disappointed Mommy.

How did school fit into all of this?  Well, not nearly as much as I would have liked, but here is a run down.

Bible:  We learned about Cuba and the missionaries there.  We found Bethlehem, Jerusalem, and Nazareth, and the Jordan River on the map.  We had some good discussions that I failed to write about in my notes and now cannot remember. :/

Geography:  P got his paper finished on North American deserts.  We played the Geography game.  This is going to really solidify what we are learning.  H and P love this game and I love that they are learning while playing it!

Happy Mommy!

We read some more of the Kingdom Tales.  This is a huge favorite in our house!  All 5 children enjoy it.  I love the discussion questions at the end of each chapter.  It does get put on the back burner sometimes because Mommy reads this aloud to them and runs out of time more often than she would like.

Sad Mommy.  

We began reading Cameron Townsend this week and are excited to learn more about the man who started Wycliffe Bible Translators organization.

I ordered H's Science book after deciding it would be good for her to have. MFW says it is highly recommended (I understand now why), but optional.

Before the beginning of next week (Sunday) our little C was feeling much better.  We appreciate every prayer lifted up on her behalf.

Thankful Mommy!

How was your week?  Not so traumatic or dramatic as ours, but hopefully productive and blessed!

Blessed Mommy!
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