MFW ECC Week 3

H and P pointing to North America
Our third week of homeschooling was a little more crazy since we had some things interrupt our normal daily routine and then we had to play catch up.  Not fun!

During Bible this week we read from Window on the World and talked about missionary kids and how they feel about never really belonging to one country.  When they are living on the mission field they live like the natives.  When they come home to America, they are not used to living like Americans and have to try and adapt.  We know many missionaries and discussed these children in particularly.

We read our Hero Tales (the kids really love this book, too)  and learned about Dwight L. Moody.  Something really cool happened in the middle of the week.  We talked about Matthew in the New Testament and how he gave up his job as a tax collector to follow Jesus.  Then we talked of Dwight L. Moody and how he gave up his job as a shoe salesman to serve Jesus 100%.  It all came together as we talked of their grandparents (my in-laws) who are missionaries to Mexico.  My father-n-law had a good paying job, new house, new car, etc. when they received the call 37 years ago.  They have planted 38 churches, have started a Bible School and a campground where they have camp meeting once a year, and much much more.  It was so cool to talk of Mathew in the Bible times, (a LONG time ago), Dwight L. Moody (almost 200 years ago), and Grandparents TODAY, who gave up everything so they could serve Jesus in a special way!

We talked of different languages spoken in different places and how the Old Testament was first written in Hebrew and the New Testament in Greek.  Part of our Art was to make a bookmark with the word Matthew written in Greek.

In Geography we learned and labeled different parts of North America including the United States.  (See picture above.)  We are trying to learn all 50 States.  This is where we got a little behind.  We did more Bible this week than we did Geography, I think, but that is definitely ok!

On Saturday, we went to Newtonia Days in Newtonia, MO.  There we got to see a small parade, a Civil War Reenactment (150 anniversary of Civil War), toured the Ritchey Mansion which was used for a hospital during that time, drank homemade root beer, saw many quilts and other festivities, and a war campground with tents and people dressed in time period clothing.  This was a lot of fun!  (I do not know anything about the above link's blog, but found some pictures while searching the internet to describe some of what we saw since I forgot my camera that day!)

That wraps up week 3 for us!  Hope you had a wonderful week!!!

Blessings to you and your family,

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