MFW ECC Week 2

My Father's World
We joyfully anticipated this week due to the cool activities we were going to get to do.  And as promised, we had a blast!

In our Bible time we discussed how people began to speak their own languages and how our God is the one true God to each and every person.  We read from Genesis, Isaiah, Luke, and Revelation to learn more about this concept.

For Geography this week, we enjoyed reading from Maps and Globes to learn about longitude and latitude. I'm afraid this concept might be confusing to them since it still is to me. We practiced locating the L and L of many locations, but H (7) never quite understood it.

We enjoyed tracing our hand and then "shrinking" it by drawing it to scale.

Art was way cool this week.  We made paper chain dolls that didn't work out as good as I would have liked.  They colored them like children from different continents and we discussed how different people have different colored skin.

On Friday, we made a world cake!  The purpose of this activity was to help us learn the different continents and oceans.  Well, I got a little ambitious and thought we would just add the other planets in our solar system, too, since P is studying about them in his Science.  I have a friend who is a cake decorator and she has a 3-d cake pan that can be used for a ball, globe, etc.  So I got the brilliant idea to make our world cake in the cool 3-d cake pan.  It turned out to be much smaller than we anticipated!  Daddy was helping us put the continents on and we kept having difficulty making them small enough!  Then we were trying to put icing on these little, itty, bitty planets.  C (3 yrs old) ate icing and sugar all day!!! She loved that part the most!   It turned out to be an all-day project, but it was such a joy to hear the kids explaining to their grandparents the next night, "You are fixing to eat Australia!"

Stirring the cake 
Mixing the cake
Trying to put icing on planets
Icing the cake
Mama smoothing the icing
Before continents

After continents...not finished yet!

3 happy campers
Solar system with Apologia 

The finished project including labels...whew!
Reading clues
Our Maps and Globes also taught us about depth and elevation, physical and political maps, local maps, and other kinds of maps as well.  Daddy did the map activity with the help of K (17).  They put together a treasure map.  There were clues that the children had to follow in order to find each treasure.  Then when all of the treasures had been found, we came inside and made a map of the direction they took.  (A little backwards, I know, but it worked out great and the kids loved it!)  We also visited a zoo in August and talked about how we used the map to get us around.  They remembered!
Finding treasures in unsuspected places!

We began reading Kingdom Tales as part of our Read Along and it is a huge success!  The kids love it!  They all love C. S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia and said Kingdom Tales reminds them of that.  All 5 of the kids can't wait for me to read to them!

Special Vocabulary studies are scheduled for each Friday, but we haven't done anything except read the vocabulary words.  I did buy some index cards and holders for them to use...someday!

So far, so good.  We love My Father's World (MFW)!  I won't list all of the other studies H and P are doing every week, such as Math and Language Arts, unless it is out-of-the-ordinary.  C is along for the ride most of the time and K and T are doing High School and don't require a lot of help from Mama.  I don't want to bore you with too many details so will stick to the MFW stuff!  :)

How did your week go?  I would love to hear from each of you!


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