DIY Commode Cleaner

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On my journey to making more healthy and natural choices, I came upon this recipe for making my own commode/toilet bowl cleaner.  It is so simple and I love the fact that it has no harsh chemicals!

It is my 7 year old daughter's job to clean our commode twice a week.  Older brother, P (13), just graduated to another level in chores and H happily took over this job.  I was uncomfortable handing her the department store cleaners, especially the ones containing bleach.  Dear H is going through a stage where spilling things come easy for her and I definitely did not want her to get hurt!

I found this recipe in my internet searching and tried it.

I was impressed!!!

I did not have any Essential oils, therefore, just used the Tea Tree Oil I had on hand.  It masked the vinegar smell and I felt safe because of the anti-bacterial agents found in it.   

Not only was I reassured of a clean (and sparkling) commode, I could rest easy because I knew my daughter was going to be safe...even if she DID spill. :)

Ingredients needed:

1/2  cup baking soda
1 cup white vinegar
1/2 tsp tea tree oil

To use:

Mix together white vinegar and tea tree oil (or other Essential Oils) in a container.  Transfer to a spray bottle and shake gently before each use.  Flush or swish scrubber to wet inside of commode.  Sprinkle baking soda in sides of bowl and then spray vinegar/tea tree oil mixture inside and on all outside surfaces of the commode.  (It is great fun to listen to it fizz when it hits the baking soda inside the bowl!)  Let cleaner sit for a few minutes and then scrub inside of commode and rinse.  Wipe down outside of commode and voila! you have a sparkling clean, hazardous-free commode for a fraction of the cost!  

That's what I'm talking about!

Would love to hear if you tried this or something like it to make your home a healthier home!

Blessings on your journey,

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Kelly Logan said...

I am gonna try this =)

Niki French said...

Yay, Kelly! Thanks for stopping by. I hope this works for you. We use the vinegar and tea tree oil combo on more than just the commode! Love it!