Say Good-bye to Guilt of Past Mistakes

Photo by Kelly French

To the voice
To the liar in the mirror
Saying you can't ever change
To the guilt that's sittin on your shoulder
Always keepin you wrapped in chains
To the past that you can't undo
To the pain that you're walkin through
To the small and the big mistakes
This is what love wants to say

Say goodbye, say goodbye
To the one that I used to be
Say goodbye, say goodbye
Every day is a brand new mercy (I love this part!)
Hello, Hello
This is where it starts now
Hello, hello
Everything can turn around
In a moment, here's your moment
You can say goodbye

There is grace that you can't imagine
There is love that you can't outrun
There is peace you can't hold onto
When your world is coming undone
You don't have to give in to the fear
Don't have to let your story stop here
And when the hand tries to pull you back
You don't have to go back, you don't have to go back


To everything that breaks you down
It doesn't have to define you now 
Jesus came to take it all away

I was going through the You Tube playlist of Mandisa songs and when this one came on, it brought to my mind a past conversation.  I thought maybe there were more people who might be struggling with the guilt and shame of their past.  I know I do.  I wanted to pass this song to you in hopes of encouraging you.  No matter what you have done,when you ask God to forgive you, He remembers it against you no more!  If our Heavenly Father chooses to forget our past mistakes then the enemy has no ground to stand on when he comes to torment.

Hope this helps you today, Friend.

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