No More Diapers...I'm Pretty Sure

Phase 4

We might be done...I think!  We just might have on our hands a brand new 

Big Girl!  

Lil Sis has learned how to take care of all of her business on the potty seat.  She has even graduated to the big potty seat without the help of her little training seat.  We didn't get her a stand alone training seat because our bathroom is too small for extra stuff to be on the floor.  We got her one of those that sits on top of the regular toilet and then hangs to the side when not in use.  One time of using a McDonald's potty seat and she didn't want to use her "extension" seat at home anymore.  Go figure.

After many days of successfully "going" like a big girl except for the heavy duty business, this mommy was growing tired of cleaning out Big Girl Panties!  Lil Sis knew what she was doing, but was apprehensive about "going" where she should.  She knew this was unacceptable and finally crossed the complete "Big Girl Bridge" into

No More Diapers...for good!

The whole family made a big deal out of her accomplishment.  She was quite happy with herself.  We have successfully completed two days with absolutely NO mistakes.  I don't want to count my chickens before they hatch, but I think we may just be done.

This is bittersweet for this Mama.  I am so proud of Lil Sis learning to be potty trained, but I don't have another baby coming up to look forward to training someday.  Not sure if God has finished growing this family, but we anxiously await another blessing from Him someday!

This is only the beginning of many Big Girl Bridges I will help Lil Sis cross.  I pray God enables me to help her safely into each new beginning.

Sniff! Sniff!  My Little girl is growing up!

Does anyone else get this teared up over potty training?
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