Potty Training Little Girl

Potty Training has begun for our little girl.  It is bitter sweet since I do not have another little one to look forward to training.  This appears to be my last time...at least for a while.  Potty training is a very special time.  She is discovering new things every day and this is equipping her with the knowledge it takes to be a "big girl".  I love this time in our children's lives, but it is also a sad time.  No more diapers means she has entered the next stage of


...she is growing up!

At our house we wait longer than is typically accepted in most social circles.  It has been my experience that if you wait until your child is almost three years of age, he/she is mentally ready to transition smoothly from diapers to "big girl panties" or "big boy underwear".  I can hear many of you groaning at the thought of changing diapers for that long!  My opinion on this is that it is worth it in the long run.

All of my children except one were potty trained at three months before they turned three (give or take a few days).  The transition took a week to ten days and voila! we were done with no accidents to speak of.  Changing diapers for a longer period of time allowed me this luxury!  There is something in their little minds that need to mature before potty training can go smoothly and effectively.  I know this is a debatable topic and you all have trained your little ones at different ages: infant, one year old, two, three, and maybe even four years old.

As of yesterday, she has made it to the potty seat every time except once!  More updates to follow.

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Jessica said...

Each one of mine were different. I had my oldest trained by the time he was 2. My second was almost 3 simply cause she wasn't ready until then. My third was 2 yrs old and fully trained with no issues. I have begun introducing my fourth to go potty and its working. I still change her pull up but when she feels like sitting on the potty I let her. I have learned not to get frustrated and just let the child decide when they are ready. My youngest just turned 2 so we shall see how soon she is completely trained. It is sad when it comes to potty training its like the last step left before they are no longer needing us as much. They are independent and they know it :) Glad to hear how well training has been going for you and the little one :) Love ya