No More Diapers...Sort Of...

Phase 3

Lil Sis is doing so good with her potty skills!  She gets 2 vitamin C each time she keeps Hello Kitty dry!  She now proudly owns 9 pairs of Big Girl Panties.  She has done so well and has even begun telling us when she had to go potty.  We still ask her frequently if she needs to "go".

She enjoys the whole family praising her when she keeps her Big Girl Panties dry.  She runs out of the bathroom and tells every one she gets 2 vitamin C.  We started with Gummy Bears in the beginning, but she likes the vitamin C better - amazingly.  Since this is healthier than candy, I am all for it.

I will spare you the Gummy Bear Potty Training Song I wrote that Hailey  can still sing from her potty training days!  (It is quite catchy and we all find ourselves singing it from time to time!)

We have one dilemma at this point.  

She goes potty - I mean the big stuff - in her Big Girl Panties!  Yuck!  This is day 5 (I think) that she has done this.  Today I knew she needed to "go" so I watched her like a hawk and even let her sit on the potty seat while her sister and I did school in the bathroom floor.  Nothing.  Then I let her play outside for a few short minutes and Wham!  Hello Kitty got all dirty!  Sad Mommy.

I decided to let her wear it a little while today.  Just 30 minutes.  She didn't like it, but I'm not sure it did any good.  Getting Hello Kitty dirty vs. getting the "poo" where it should go does not connect with her yet.  We shall see.

post signatureStay tuned for Phase 4 of the Potty Training Saga of Lil Sis!

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