No More Diapers?!

Phase 2

Potty training was going oh, so well, when...

Mommy had a family emergency and was gone for a few days!

Then everything went to pot (pun intended!).  Things got hectic at home and making sure Lil Sis got to the potty on time could not be a priority.  Diapers were used again and the family did the best they could.  I got a text from my oldest daughter that went something like this, "...uuuhhhh...potty training is not going as well as we had hoped..."

I knew then that things were going to be different when I got home.  It was going to be back to square one!  At first it seemed that Lil Sis had totally lost interest in the whole "no more diapers" thing.  I tried not to panic!  (Especially since I had blogged how wonderful and easy it is!)

After I got rested up from the trip, I began the process again and she took to it.  She is wearing Big Girl panties full time now.  Yesterday was a two day accident and today has been...

...and she just comes and tells me, "Mom!  I'm poo poo!"  I guess we still have our work cut out for us.

post signatureStay tuned for the No More Diapers Saga of Lil Sis! :)

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