Help! My Skirt Won't Fit!

Suck it in, zip it up, breathe a sigh of...exhaustion.  Aaaaahhhhh...  Yes, I can still get into that skirt!

Two weeks later...

I slip the skirt off of the hanger, close my eyes and mentally cross my fingers as I suck it in, zip it up, and breathe a sigh of...excitement!  Wow!  Not nearly as tight as it was last time I put it on.  I glance into the mirror pretending I look significantly thinner and smile.  Sort of.  This gives me a boost of something-or-another and I decide to do what it takes to look even better in that skirt.

A week goes by...

That skirt fits quite nicely now, I feel great!

Then the baby gets sick, company comes over, I get behind on my laundry, and I didn't have time to plan on eating healthy.  I grabbed a few minutes extra sleep when the alarm went off instead of exercising.  And then?  There you have it!  The skirt fits a little too snug again and my self esteem plummets.  Deeee-ooo-oooo-p!  

Do you have a favorite outfit that you tend to measure your weight and inadvertently your self esteem?

Is this accurate?

Using a piece of clothing to determine my self worth is probably not the best idea I have ever had.  Yet I find myself doing it repeatedly.  Is it because of media and the emphasis they put on the outward appearance?  Or is it my own guilt for not making better choices?

As women we are guilty of letting things determine our mood for the day (or week).  Skirts fitting or not fitting, a remark made by someone at church, or our disappointment in our children's behavior are not accurate weights.  I think we could call them "divers weights".

The Bible speaks of a "perfect and just weight" and those that use "divers weights". (Deut. 25:15, Prov. 16:1)  In Proverbs 11:1 Solomon tells us that having a false balance is an abomination to the Lord, but He delights in a "just weight".

I'm pretty sure we shouldn't judge our self worth by what we disapprove of in the mirror or what others say and do.  We should judge our self worth by God's Word.

God tells us He created us in His image (Gen. 1:27).  Remember this earlier post when I told how God gave us a piece of Himself when He created us.  Then He gave His Son to die for our sinfulness and stupidity because He loved us so much.

Our self worth is not in looking nice in a certain outfit, but it is in Him and His love for you and me.

So go try that skirt on again, but don't let how it fits determine your self worth or what kind of mood you will be in  today.  Let it fuel the flames of determination to be better...inside and out!

You are valuable, no matter how the skirt fits!
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Susan Brown said...

Boy, you nailed it. Were you hiding in my closet?

Mary Jackson said...

Thanks for the encouragement Niki!

Debbie said...

So true, you are valuable because God made you and no other reason.

Maria Rice said...

Preach awhile! (*"Whoop whoop that MY aunt!")

Niki French said...

:-D Not today, but I have been there!

Niki French said...

You are welcome, Mary. Thank you for visiting. I hope you have a blessed day!

Niki French said...

Debbie and Maria,

Thanks! :-)