New Home School Board on Pinterest

Since home schooling is one of my passions, I spent a little time putting together a board on Pinterest.  It has some of our favorite resources and some cool websites.  I am still working on pinning things for you to enjoy. Hope you will be able to use some of the resources I've included for you and your children as well.

While you are there, you can find out more about me on some of my other boards: Cool Organizational Ideas, Encouraging QuotesMy FashionPassion, and much more!

Happy pinning on Pinterest!

But watch out!  

You will want to set yourself a timer or you will look up and the day will be gone!

A happy "pinner",

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Sarah @ Stand By Faith said...

WOW! You and I have very similar taste in clothes! Wish we could share a wardrobe! LOL
Sarah :)

Susan Brown said...

You inspired me. Set up an account. I really like the quotable quotes.

Niki said...

Sarah, would love to! Do you remember when we used share clothes as young girls? I remember camp days and Bible School days where you had a huge wardrobe because you could share with your friends! Those were the days! :)

I read your testimony today and am blessed you shared it on your blog. God is amazing and I hope to hear you have a positive pregnancy test SOON!

Keep Believing!

Niki said...

I'm so glad! It is a lot of fun! I knew the quotes board would be your favorite! Love you. :)

Susan Brown said...

Ah, you know me too well. Love you too.