Is Kirk Cameron Seeking Clues To Become The Next Nicolas Cage

I'm pretty sure Kirk Cameron's aspirations are not to become the next Nicolas Cage, but he is seeking a National Treasure, America's National Treasure!  He has documented his travels across America and Europe to find out what has been forgotten for 100 years: the principles that made us a great nation in the first place.  If we could go back and talk to our forefathers, could it be that they were wise enough to see that we just might get off track?  Could they have left us clues to help us get back?

This is what we are heading for.  It's like a society meltdown.  If there is no moral guidance coming through, it's going to be a free for all.  Where are we then?


We plant seeds as parents today, as Americans, and we teach our children.  We tell them the stories and we remember our history.  Then years from now the fruit of our labors give us hope that God will restore our country.  But we have to begin planting the seeds NOW!  Before it is too late.  It is an investment into a proper society for our children and our children's children.

The soul of America is sick.  What are we going to do about it?  The majority of home schoolers that I know realize this predicament and are trying to plant seeds in their children's education that will hopefully alter the course America is on today.

If you would like encouragement in this area, or if you would like to take action in helping America get back to what she was founded upon, start by viewing this documentary film on March 27th.  I know many of you do not frequent the theaters, but for those who do, make sure this is on your list of high priorities!  

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I was not paid to write this review.  Just wanted to share a great resource with you.
*Italics represent  Kirk Cameron's actual words concerning this film or words from someone he interviewed.

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