Are You Singing The Blues?

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Are you the color Blue?

Let's find out!

Blues are our do-gooders in society.  They are the ones who just naturally do good.  They have a moral compass like no other that always points due north.  They don't forget much, especially birthdays, anniversaries, or the way you looked at them twenty years ago when you first met!  They are the most loyal people on earth and know that life is all about relationships.  

Blues are motivated by intimacy!

Before I can write any more, I have to tell you that this color is very near and dear to my heart; it is the color of my dedicated, loyal, and dependable soul mate.  When we learned about The Color Code, it opened my eyes to just how truly magnificent my husband really is.  I already loved him dearly, but I love him more deeply now than I ever have before because I understand him, I know what drives him, and where he is coming from. All walls have been knocked down with the knowledge we learned last month.  We understand each other's motives and there is complete trust in this extremely safe environment.

 Characteristics of Blues

Life often consists as a sequence of commitments for you.  Since committing to relationships is such a strength for you, you often make friendships that last a lifetime and have richer relationships than any other personality.  You are most likely a perfectionist.  This can be positive or negative depending on the motive behind your perfectionism.  Is it quality or insecurity?  You tend to be very critical of others an yourself due to your unrealistic expectations.  It is very hard to live up to your standards.  You desperately want to be understood and appreciated.  You can be emotional and sometimes considered moody, but you make time for sharing the most important moments in life.  You are self-sacrificing and nurturing.  Blues have the hardest time forgiving.  You are stable and with support and cooperation, you bring creative talents from the highest caliber, directly from your heart.  You tend to be a "worry wart", guilt prone, self righteous and insecure.  You love with such passion and strive to be the best that you can be.  You are the glue that binds society together.  

Some of your strengths are as follows:

As a committed companion:
  • give the relationship priority above anything else
  • is loyal through good and bad times
  • makes relationship more meaningful and full of purpose
As a parent:
  • excellent in training skills
  • empathetic and sincere
  • keeps home clean and cozy
As a friend:
  • once friendship is established, you will be loyal to the end
  • remembers special holidays and does what it takes to celebrate in a memorable way
  • encouraging in times of trouble

Some of your limitations are as follows:

As a committed companion:
  • demands attention from spouse
  • suspicious of spouse's motives
  • clingy
As a parent:
  • blames children of being unappreciative
  • easily irritated by mistakes or shortcomings of children
  • lacks ability to relax
As a friend:
  • feels rejected easily
  • wish friend would communicate more often
  • rarely playful or spontaneous
Well, have I hit upon any areas that sound closely familiar to you?  If you found any of the limitations that you know you have, I have good news for you!  That is why they are called limitations and not weaknesses.  It is easy to say that you have a weakness and therefore cannot change.  But a limitation is just that.  It limits you from being the best you can be.  All you need is a little determination to change the limitation into a strength!  It can be done!

I'm so glad God made Blues!  They keep the Yellows on track, teach the Reds more compassion, and build self confidence in the Whites, among many other wonderful things!  You haven't really lived until you have been blessed with the love and friendship of a Blue!

I'd love to share so much more, but this is getting lengthy.  The Reds got impatient and scrolled to the end to get the bottom line, the Whites got uncomfortable when they read the negativity and only read the positive statements, and the Yellows got bored with the lengthy explanation and re-read all the highlights, fancy fonts, and colorful words! :)

I am really enjoying teaching you about The Color Code.  It has made such an impact on our lives!  God has given us a tool to strengthen our relationships and look at others as He would!  He created us in His image!  (More on this topic here.)

Next time I will tell you what drives a White!  They offer us all a model for gentle human dignity. They are good-natured'll have to come back to find out more!

Blessings as you are discovering yourself and appreciating God's  handiwork,

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For the introduction to this whole Color Code thing, go here:)
P.S.  The information I gave you was cited from all I learned at a  Motive Matters Seminar with Van and Tammy Benson and from the book The People Code by Dr. Taylor Hartman.


Joanna said...

Ahem. About that Yellow explanation...

Niki said...

Joanna, you make me laugh! I love your little Yellow self!

Kristy @ Little Natural Cottage said...

I am a lot blue, although red is my primary color.

I come from a BLUE family!!!!! This helps me understand them A LOT!

Niki French said...

I am so glad you are able to understand more about your family. Knowledge is power! :)