Dressing Up an Old Swing Set

Buying used items has been our practice for as long as I can remember and my hubby is the best at finding things for free or very inexpensive.  With a little bit of TLC we are able to get things that sometimes we might not would have been able to get otherwise.  Hubby found a great deal on a swing set and brought it home to two happy little girls and some over zealous big kids!  With just a little repair, the girls were swinging in no time.  A few weeks later, hubby comes home with another swing set that was in a little worse shape than the first one.  He was able to salvage a good part of it and put it with the other one to make a pretty stinkin' awesome "playground" for our kiddos.  Thanks, Daddy!

One day I was watching our six year old turning flips on these.  Some are in the shape of a circle while others are shaped like a triangle.  I got to looking and ours were just horrible looking.  They were probably originally cream colored, but now they were dingy with black gunk on them.  How boring!  What fun it would be to brighten things up and make it "girly"!  The wheels began to turn in my mind.  What could I use that I already had?  Hmmmm...

Duck tape!  My oldest daughter does all kinds of cool things with duct tape and hates the colors pink and purple.  I raided her stash because our two little girls love pink and purple.

I made the mistake of asking said six year old how she wanted mommy to wrap the "flip handles" (does anyone know what these are really called?)  She requested stripes!  Quite a bit more challenging, but I gave it a try...on one of them!  The other one I wrapped in...solid pink!

Here is the finished product on these, but I couldn't stop there.  This was just too much fun and the little girls were loving the bright colors!  I went on to cover more handles...and other things!  I stopped when I ran out of tape and just after said six year old suggested covering the slide!

It didn't take much time and little effort to add some color to this used playground/swing set.  And I might add, everyone is happy.  Oldest daughter doesn't have to mess with pink and purple duct tape and little girls are thrilled to turn flips on brightly colored handles now.  Boys could care less either way on this one!

That being done we just had to do some more.  After all, we had pink and purple duck tape left over!  So here is what we did:



The rest of the pictures didn't quite turn out, but we covered the "rungs" for all of the ways to climb on this playground.  We love the finished project and it didn't cost us a dime!

Blessings as you find creative, frugal ways to brighten someone's day!

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Jills Home Remedies said...

How cute! My girls would love to do this!!!

Niki said...

Fun, inexpensive, and very easy! :)