Words of Ice

I cannot believe the warm weather we are having this month.  It is hard to believe tomorrow is the first of February!  
So for those who wish it were colder with more precipitation, here's a fun little game to help you out!  I know time is of the essence so I will give the answers immediately.  That way you don't have to work so hard!  Here's how to play:  There are 9 words that end in "ice" and 3 that end in "ise".  See if you can figure out the answer without cheating! :)  It might be helpful to hold your hand or a piece of paper over the answers on the right.

1.  The "ice of inducement:                                                      entice
2.  The "ice" most feared by women and girls:                          mice
3.  The "ice" that should satisfy:                                               suffice
4.  The "ice" of worship:                                                          sacrifice
5.  The aromatic "ice":                                                             spice
6.  The "ice" of established value:                                             price
7.  The "ice" among grain:                                                        rice
8.  The "ice" of habit:                                                               practice
9.  The "ice" of the faithful:                                                      service

10.  The particular "ice":                                                         precise
11.  The "ice" of invention:                                                      devise
12.  Heavenly "ice":                                                                paradise

Leave me a comment with how many you guessed without looking at the answer!  I have something for the winner that I will announce on Thursday.  This is based on your honor.  I've played this game with enough women that I have a rough idea of the most ever guessed right.  I'm excited to see how many you get right!  Thanks for playing and I hope you have enjoyed this mild winter we are having! Personally, I am part of the few who would love to see more snow!  I love winter!

Blessings to you,
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Susan Brown said...

Great brain teaser. Missed a couple. "Ice" of the faithful. Should have recognized "service".

Jills Home Remedies said...

I'm with you - I love winter and snow also! :) Definitely not getting it this year!

Kasey @ TFOMplus2 said...

I didn't do so well! I'm going to blame it on the children who are chattering around me, making it hard to concentrate! :)

Niki said...

Thanks to all who stopped by and had a little ice on this not-so-wintry day! :)