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This is Part Two in our Design Your Life Series.  You may read Part One here or go to the link at the bottom of this post.  .  There are many types of goals you can set in designing your life.  If you are a note taker you might want to grab a pen and some paper to jot down some ideas for beginning to set your own life changing goals.  Here is a list of eight different types of goals and some suggestions to think about in each category.


How is my relationship with God?  Is it stale and in need of reviving, or nonexistent? Is it running smoothly, but in need of checking the oil?  I don't feel like I ever "arrive" at a level of spirituality that satisfies my longing for Him.  There have been times when I actively pursued Him more than other times,  and there is always room for growth.  Each time I read the Bible, I see something I hadn't seen before.  Each time I go to the Lord in prayer I am walking hand in hand with my Redeemer and feel closer to Him.  Maybe you want to read the Bible through this year or establish a daily routine with God.  You might want to add fasting to this list.  And remember there are many things you can "fast" other than food!  Whatever your spiritual goals might be, set them where you can reach them and gain spiritual growth.  Growing in the Lord and letting Him guide you is a perfect design for life.


I, for one, am not at the desired level of physical aptitude! (Nice way of saying I'm overweight!)  Working out is definitely a goal I am setting this year.  I want to feel healthy as well as be healthy!  You might want to add a fifteen minute workout to your morning routine or add some more time to your already existing plan.  A walk in the park a couple of evenings a week or walking around the house a few times a day is a lovely idea.  One of my children has decided that running around our house seven times is a start to becoming more healthy.  (It's fun and Momma says he can do it as many times a day as he wants!) Choosing to take the stairs each time instead of the elevator or parking farther away from Walmart's door are ways to take small steps toward a bigger goal.


What is your thought process?  Are you a negative person that tends to dwell on the bad things of life?  Maybe you are so positive you are gullible and unrealistic.  Does your thought thought life need a makeover?  "They" say you are what you think.  If you are a "mully-grubber" kind of person, it effects those around you.  As a mama, I tend to get bogged down with the negative character traits I see in our family and try so hard to help us work on them that sometimes I come across as a grouchy mama who is never satisfied. Whew!  I need to work on this!


Do you carry your feelings on your shoulder or are you weepy?  Are you either really high or really low and hardly ever in between?  Are you an emotional bump on a log?  Wow, this all sounds a bit negative, but remember we are looking for ways to improve those areas we don't like.  Try jotting a few ideas down to help you daily improve your emotional state to a more balanced way of thinking.


How do you talk to your friends, siblings, parents?  If you are married, how do you relate to your husband?  Do you have higher expectations for them than you do yourself.  This is an area that will be harder to see results quickly, but with time, your rewards will be great!  It's hard to bite your tongue when you feel you have been wronged, but remember Proverbs 15:1?  A soft (gentle) answer turns away wrath (anger), but grievous (harsh) words stir up anger.  Hmmm, practicing answering softly is something I've been working on for quite some time.  Still don't have it mastered. :-/


How much debt do you have?  Paying off your credit cards, buying used and saving the difference, buying used cars instead of new, and couponing are great ways to get out of debt.  Have you tried living on a written budget?  Extremely hard, but very rewarding.  Actually, you experience more freedom when you live on a budget.


These would be areas that you need to work on yourself.  You might need to learn how to dress more attractively or tone down your accessories.  You might want to learn a new hairstyle.  You might need improvement in your housekeeping skills.  Also, I feel like a personal goal is one that you are not pressured to change by your peers or parents, but you feel you need improvement in this area without their pressure.

Recreational-ly (Not sure this is a word - ha!)

Learning new games to share in family time is always beneficial.  Our family is learning to play Frisbee golf.  We try to play a couple of times a week if the weather permits.  The exercise is great and the quality family time is an added bonus.

Here are a few ideas to get you started thinking what kinds of goals you would like to set to begin

designing your life.  

Remember, "Rome wasn't built in a day" and change takes time!  Set small, attainable goals first and then when you feel like you've reached those, go to the next level!

Until next time...

Blessings as you take steps to Design Your Life,

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Susan Brown said...

Excellent ideas and good suggestions for making even small changes that will bring huge rewards. I've read a lot about setting goals over the years, but I like your positive and practical approach.

Niki said...

Thank you! I hope you will come back for more! :)